Asking Eachother Questions We're Scared to Ask..*MUST ANSWER ALL*
We have LOTS to catch up on, lots of rumors to squash, and new things to discuss.. so what better way than to Ask Eachother Questions We're Scared to Ask + answering the assumptions!
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If you see this, comment "THEY LOOK THE SAME NAKED"
only those who watch up to that point will know what this means ;)
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We’re Niki and Gabi! We hope you enjoyed our Answering Assumptions About Us video! We’re twin sisters who are different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make videos like challenges, sister vs sister, photoshoot challenges, 24 hour challenges, DIY, swaps, shopping challenges, 24 hour challenges, diy, style, beauty, lifestyle, fashion, comedy, types of girls, music, and more!

  • kayla estrada
    kayla estrada

    I just love that gabi was like “get a house” 👏🏻👏🏻😂💕

  • Blackduck Bakingtrees
    Blackduck Bakingtrees

    How is their hair always soooooooo perfect!?!

  • Horse LOVER !!!!!!!!!!!
    Horse LOVER !!!!!!!!!!!

    Love your hair niki

  • ShotbyDelly

    The hand clap 😂

  • Kylie Lo
    Kylie Lo

    Gabi literally looks like a princess lol

  • tara pham
    tara pham

    I didn’t know it was gonna take a turn like this 😳

  • Sofia Nicolaas
    Sofia Nicolaas

    When gabi said 69 about her sex routine I was like really?

  • Presh Salutin
    Presh Salutin

    U look beautiful 💖

  • Mathilde Miserey
    Mathilde Miserey

    please do another episode

  • SaraJoy

    Gosh they messed up their own faces sooooo bad!!!

  • kittyrandomvd x
    kittyrandomvd x

    Just because y'all are grown women doesn't mean I want adult content and I'm a grown woman.

  • Zoe leah
    Zoe leah

    omg at 10:14 none of those videos come up on my recommended and they seem so fun I'm gonna watch now

  • aspiringauthor Erin Rail
    aspiringauthor Erin Rail

    I love this! Do more of these, please!

  • *ayesha *
    *ayesha *

    I just can't ignore their GOURGOUS HAIRS I'm sorry-

  • Steff Alexander
    Steff Alexander

    I’m drinking in the bath whilst watching this and the fact that they said they both watch massage porn and freaked out 🤣 I’ve never spat cider so hard in my life! I’m dying!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Līva Leite
    Līva Leite

    i like when you bond

  • Lucy Isom
    Lucy Isom

    Did Gabi get plastic surgery

    • redbluemonday

      Oh did she.. you should go to her personal channel she talks alot about it

  • Essie

    their botox arevery intresting ngl

  • Lela Brownell
    Lela Brownell


  • Fernanda Baca
    Fernanda Baca

    Can you guys make more videos of you guys showing ur boyfriends I love thos videos ❤️

  • Pam Vasquez
    Pam Vasquez

    idk but im obssesed with gabi's face.

  • Sevana Abrahamian
    Sevana Abrahamian

    did Gabi get plastic surgery-

  • Hannah Buckley
    Hannah Buckley

    You girls have got so far! I'm so proud! Love you guys! Xxxx

  • bears berry
    bears berry

    minute 2:24 in and it's so good and engaging girly. Love the content

  • ZIQI

    I wish you can swear less. It’s not healthy

  • Brittany Taylor
    Brittany Taylor

    Gabi, why do you always look so miserable in your videos with Niki? Your vibe is so different from this channel and your own. You give off mean girl vibes and you even look different.

  • Anya Naik
    Anya Naik

    Pleeeeaaaaaasssssseeeeeeee do another bachelor series!! I totally ship Hannah-Ann and Collin!!

  • Gisalle Esquivel
    Gisalle Esquivel

    please do moree of these kinds of videos i love the tea

  • Emma Clare
    Emma Clare

    Wait I wanted more questions

  • Y F
    Y F

    Nikki why u so gorgeous!!!

  • Ale Cu
    Ale Cu

    Nah HRposts does let you go outside. The bachelor and the drive through showed up on my recommended a million times I didn’t want to watch it because it seemed ass

  • Bella Cruz
    Bella Cruz

    5:59 Gabi wanted to kill niki

  • Ali Afnan
    Ali Afnan

    gabi wore this sweater 3 years ago in “ Recreating Each Other Instagram “ video lol

  • Delanie Fitzpatrick
    Delanie Fitzpatrick

    Y’all look so alike in this vid

  • Ellie Ireton
    Ellie Ireton

    all i have to say is remember schoolihsa

  • Maya_ Jarrar
    Maya_ Jarrar

    what's up with gabs face

  • trinity chraplewe
    trinity chraplewe

    Why did gabi make her face look like kim k’s? 😂

  • Mya Worthington
    Mya Worthington

    Gabi: Niki what do you? Niki: blahhhhhh

  • Kady alsarraj
    Kady alsarraj

    did they quit or what?

    • Kady alsarraj
      Kady alsarraj

      @Ali Afnan did they announce that they’re taking a break?

    • Ali Afnan
      Ali Afnan

      they are coming back in sometime

  • Dance Sophie
    Dance Sophie

    From where is nikis Top

    • Ali Afnan
      Ali Afnan

      its not a shirt lol

  • — kαciee
    — kαciee

    8:54 lol.. *Alexa play Ariana Grande 34+35*

  • Emily Benavides
    Emily Benavides

    I would LOVEEE a second part to this video it would be amazing

  • Audrey Simpson
    Audrey Simpson

    my favorite video

  • Just Me
    Just Me


  • Nidhi Aswani
    Nidhi Aswani

    nikkis behavior , her attitude , her dressings style , her looks , her hair , her face and everything is just awesome . savage one specially

    • Ali Afnan
      Ali Afnan


  • Léa Francoeur
    Léa Francoeur

    y’all seem so much closer now, like there was this period of time where you were both almost strangers in your vids:( i love you guys like this😭

  • Destiny TV
    Destiny TV

    As we grew up , they grew up with us 😂

  • myah wingard
    myah wingard

    does gabi have plastic surgery? cause if so i can really REALLY tell

  • kesava Paleti
    kesava Paleti

    I can't believe that nikki is soo fat and gabi too........

    • Iman Khan
      Iman Khan

      bruh how does someone have the audacity to say that to people smh

    • Periodt Sis
      Periodt Sis

      Are you sad?? Are you that upset with yourself you hate on someone who hasn’t done ANYTHING to you-?

  • Sophie KS
    Sophie KS

    I love Nikis hair in this

  • Julia Zalewska
    Julia Zalewska

    Niki youre so beautiful wow im amazed

  • Phindi Dlamini
    Phindi Dlamini

    Can we get a part 2 this was really good

  • Amaya Zander
    Amaya Zander

    Wait is Gabi slowly coming to niki’s style ...or is it just meee.🤔

  • Brooke Orenstein
    Brooke Orenstein

    Where is Niki’s shirt from???

  • JojoSays

    did niki get filler in her cheeks or smt?

  • Olivia Shaul
    Olivia Shaul

    I relate so much more to you guys being real then the sister verse sister videos

  • Lily Smith
    Lily Smith

    when i looked these kind of videos have more if not the same amount of views than the sister vs sister videos

  • אמילי שבצנקו
    אמילי שבצנקו

    Nikki lowkey looks high

  • Brooke Salazar
    Brooke Salazar

    I want more of the bachelor

  • Shaganaa Gunarajan
    Shaganaa Gunarajan

    don't get me started on how people hate on Niki and Nate. just stop. every relationship is different, yes, but all relationships go through rough times and Niki and Nate were comfortable to show it! love niki x nate and gabi x collin!

  • Ell Bells
    Ell Bells

    Me if I was 7 watching this: 👁👄👁 Me now (10) watching this: 👁👄👁

  • Jessica Mayhew
    Jessica Mayhew

    They’re beautiful

  • C S
    C S

    Her face look so hard and stiff

  • Tea Tok
    Tea Tok

    Look how shocked niki was when she heard Nate wanted a house.

  • esma türcan
    esma türcan


  • Amanda Russo
    Amanda Russo

    This is the most honest video I had ever seen.

  • Valia Gkanatsiou
    Valia Gkanatsiou

    What happened to their faces

    • Ali Afnan
      Ali Afnan


    • Makenzie J
      Makenzie J

      Gabi got surgery

  • Nylee

    Niki ~I’m a sad bleep 🤬~

  • Lexie Humphreys
    Lexie Humphreys

    i love these videos so much more

  • Kaitlynn Voss
    Kaitlynn Voss

    gabi looks like a barbie doll and niki looks like a bratz doll

  • Maha Z
    Maha Z

    You still go lip fillers nicki it doesn’t mean it makes you any better than gabi for getting “less” lip fillers lol....

    • Ali Afnan
      Ali Afnan

      so WHAT nikki didn’t say that gabi said she WENT CRAZY and Both of them are better

  • my songs Sidana
    my songs Sidana

    Is it just me or so they look verryyy different in this video

  • Niharika

    8:55 Niki's face went in shock ... also props to u guys for not censoring anything anymore

  • —ImNotCyrus —
    —ImNotCyrus —

    Can yall do the musical six costumes yall really look like the two beheaded queens

  • {Flowr}

    I want more drive through vids🙂

  • Madiha Elkafy
    Madiha Elkafy

    In the start of the video :Niki:"I hate that:Gabi and Niki: "Hey guys" Me:UHM EXUSE ME DID U JUST PRETEND THAT NOTHING HAPPEND

  • Taylor Steinbruckner
    Taylor Steinbruckner

    A little strange how Gabi said she wishes she branded herself “fancier”, but in one of her recent videos she got rid of a lot of her expensive things because they weren’t giving her happiness? A little BS if you ask me.

    • Perla Pacheco
      Perla Pacheco

      If that makes sense

    • Perla Pacheco
      Perla Pacheco

      She meant as in she wanted to be more of a girly girl not being more expensive

  • Linda Belcher
    Linda Belcher

    Gabi at 3:54 but now look at you

  • Emily McNab
    Emily McNab

    I live your pranking videos/ drive thru, Omegle public places

  • Ava Logue
    Ava Logue

    Who else loves Niki’s hair. It’s fits her so well!❤️

    • Florx1led

      My friend actually has the same hair

  • Vogel Oliver
    Vogel Oliver

    The squeamish pear clinically bore because scorpion dolly thaw off a snotty offer. scrawny, wandering flight

  • BlondieBrunette14

    If you guys wanna know more about gabis past scandals READ THIS THREAD ON TWITTER

  • Rebecca Moen
    Rebecca Moen

    Anyone understand what Niki meant by, “oh I do. After Niki and Gabi take Bahamas. Uff”. Did she get hate after that season?

  • Katherine Black
    Katherine Black

    5:02 the way gabi just gave her a death stare, omg I love her

  • Ps


  • BlondieBrunette14

    Gabi looks like a Roblox head


    How old is niki and Gabi

  • Rajeswari Kasi
    Rajeswari Kasi

    they dont look the same anymore! especially gabbi

  • Adrianna T
    Adrianna T


  • Justice O’sha
    Justice O’sha

    ok but their hair in this video is 🤩🤩✨

  • id vs
    id vs




  • Mackenzie

    I love niki’s hair🤩🤩

  • Vyctorious

    I actually liked this video a lot :)

  • Venna Cavill
    Venna Cavill

    The madly swallow intrestingly train because soprano radiographically please along a cooperative anger. kaput, handsome drug

  • William Hilgendorf
    William Hilgendorf

    Gabi said “69” gives a a duh look 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Michelle Rain
    Michelle Rain

    gabi looks like she can barely move her face

    • Samantha Mills
      Samantha Mills

      @Makenzie J what was the surgery for?

    • azra

      her face was bloated, when you get plastic surgery is an effect, if you look at her now he face has calmed down, it’s what happens after a surgery.

    • Makenzie J
      Makenzie J

      She had just got her surgery

  • 리하은

    Literally I love how they are comfortable with being themselves!

  • Emma Clough
    Emma Clough

    i’m loving the energy in the house today

  • K Rob1n
    K Rob1n

    There is this cute little place to elope in RI

    • K Rob1n
      K Rob1n

      It is called “Chapel By The Sea”. It is perfect for small quaint elopement that allows for 10 pews of family on both sides 💖