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we're twin sisters and we've luxury shopped for each other, but never has our boyfriends luxury shopped for us. since we can't go to luxury stores, the boyfriends will luxury shop online and we will reveal what they bought in a luxury haul and rank the items they purchased. watch til the end to see which twin sister's boyfriend won!
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watch our reality show! Niki and Gabi TAKE BAHAMAS
episode 1: "creep in the club"
episode 2: "he won't pay attention to me"
episode 3: "the problem is you"
episode 4: "harassed by strangers"
episode 5: "getting sent home"
episode 5: "panic attack in the ocean"
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If you see this, comment "THE HAUL AT THE END LOL"
only those who watch up to that point will know what this means ;)
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We’re Niki and Gabi! We hope you enjoyed our "who wore it better" spring 2020 fashion trends video! We’re twin sisters who are different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make videos like challenges, fashion trends, spring 2020, stuck at home, at home videos, celebrities, tricking our followers, DIY outfits, making outfits, sister vs sister, photoshoot challenges, 24 hour challenges, DIY, swaps, shopping challenges, 24 hour challenges, diy, style, beauty, lifestyle, fashion, comedy, types of girls, music, and more!

  • audreyy york
    audreyy york


  • Holly A
    Holly A

    nate is such i libra i love it

  • Azucena Aguirre
    Azucena Aguirre

    Gabi does not have her ears pierced

  • Pineapple Sparks
    Pineapple Sparks

    Gabbi and collin are soo cuteeee

  • olivia c
    olivia c

    Collin: THE COUPON CODE!!!!

  • Typically Claire
    Typically Claire

    For people saying that’s their spoiled, They’re not. They gave 1,000$ to their bfs. You welcome🥲

  • Taylor Torres
    Taylor Torres

    Collin and gabi are couples goals

  • Katie Money
    Katie Money

    Collin isn’t mint color it’s light blue

  • Amelia

    Awww I love both couples!!

  • It’s Me
    It’s Me

    12:8 alone in my car 🥰🥺

  • Loretta Martin
    Loretta Martin

    This video was so cute I thought that collin won sorry Nick 😭😭😭😭😍😍

    • olivia c
      olivia c


  • Loretta Martin
    Loretta Martin

    This video was so cute I thought that collin won

  • Alexa Holland
    Alexa Holland

    “More stuff that the other girls don’t buy” I-

  • •autxmq •
    •autxmq •

    Colin and gabi are truly made for each other.

  • avery stusse
    avery stusse

    12:01 and alone in my car was born

  • The Ayjay & Nali SHOW!!!!
    The Ayjay & Nali SHOW!!!!


  • The Ayjay & Nali SHOW!!!!
    The Ayjay & Nali SHOW!!!!

    this was filed on my 9th birthday

  • Sarah Anaum
    Sarah Anaum

    In this video. When NIKI said TO Nate I am going to think of your alone in my car. Now she has a song. Named alone in my car

  • manpreet kaur
    manpreet kaur

    *ONLY 115$*

  • Emma smith
    Emma smith

    At the beginning Nate was just throwing shade at niki. LOL!!!!!!! Also at 12:01 is foreshadowing

  • Meagan McCracken
    Meagan McCracken

    skip to 12:01 if you’re watching in 2021 & a niki fan 🖤👀

  • Emma Chuter
    Emma Chuter

    Not Collin using code real for 20% off

  • Tanjiro Kamado
    Tanjiro Kamado

    Driving alone in my car :( reminds me of drivers lisense!

  • Serenity Park
    Serenity Park

    The bunny LOL 7:31

  • Annabelle Roberts
    Annabelle Roberts

    Who else thought of i got my drivers license by Olivia rodrido When she said I will now think of u when I’m alone in my car

  • Veera Chavan
    Veera Chavan

    i love that bunny

  • Katie McWhinnie
    Katie McWhinnie

    I love Niki's outfit

  • gh0stgrillcheese

    Is this just an ad?

  • Isabella Wright
    Isabella Wright

    Collin: But with the cOuPoN cOdE

  • Maddie Vega
    Maddie Vega

    I swear if any of them break but I don't believe in love

  • Nicole Bat
    Nicole Bat

    12:00 ya today I drove through the subborbs

  • Kierstin Nalley
    Kierstin Nalley

    can you facetime fans

  • Sophie Moore
    Sophie Moore

    Nobody gonna talk about gabby’s massive candle at the star

  • Shawnna Boyd
    Shawnna Boyd

    Where did u get the bunny w

  • Christian Stannard
    Christian Stannard

    Collin and Gabi have the best relationship everrrrrrrrrrr

  • Simanta Bhattacharya
    Simanta Bhattacharya

    Niki- I'm niki Gabi- I'm gaaaabi..

  • 1eating bees
    1eating bees

    they should do a challenge were there boyfreinds edit there videos

  • Ella Reichenbach
    Ella Reichenbach

    They are getting married

  • Malana Cash
    Malana Cash

    Notice how Niki says “alone in my car” then stares at the camera 🤭

  • Amelia KellyQuinn
    Amelia KellyQuinn

    Him: Ok so the limit is $740 Vs Me: Oooh I'm gonna be cheeky and set it to $15 dollars ~laughs cheekly~

  • Janetta Drain
    Janetta Drain

    Nate just picked out one bag and I was like that's more than my pony

  • Sadie Vincent
    Sadie Vincent

    These fools spending 350 dollars on a key chain when you could get one just as good for 3 dollars from the dollar store And did I just use 3 "dollars" in 1 sentence and it actually made sense

  • Sadie Vincent
    Sadie Vincent

    Yall are wasting money just for a youtube vid. I hate this kind of thing. But you do you.

  • Nanuki Lobzhanidze
    Nanuki Lobzhanidze

    Anyone else here after collin and gabi got engaged?

  • nimirara_xo

    You should so do this with each other's boyfriend!

  • c i a r r a
    c i a r r a

    Gabi: *opens bag* Colin: CUTE RIGHT

  • Serenity Park
    Serenity Park

    I LOVE the real real!!! Plus what editing app do you use????

  • Camille Schmidt
    Camille Schmidt

    idk if it's just me but the screen was so blurry the entire time and it really bothered me

  • Confused Person
    Confused Person

    Hahhaha i literally love Collin and his energy

  • janethmcpeak

    me re watching this video

  • Riza mae Jacalan Sarmiento
    Riza mae Jacalan Sarmiento

    Am i onLy notice it , that Nate Looks Like Ed Sheeran ? or Not ?

  • nolan bassett
    nolan bassett

    any body else notice that when gabi got her stuff and hugged collin one of her nails where missing

  • 08Birta Ósk Sigbjörnsdóttir
    08Birta Ósk Sigbjörnsdóttir

    My ears hurt having clip on earrings for just a moment and gabi wears them 24/7 and I’m like how can she do it

  • Tea Tok
    Tea Tok

    Niki: I’m gonna think of you every time I’m driving alone in my car Nate: 😌🥰😘

  • Tea Tok
    Tea Tok

    This was like so easy for Collin. He was so calm. Meanwhile, Nate was so stressed.

  • Tea Tok
    Tea Tok

    I love how you can get this stuff of Amazon for like $50.

  • Heidi Elmer
    Heidi Elmer

    Wow! I am surprised that Gabi doesn't have her ears pierced

  • micayah n
    micayah n

    These videos are really high quality and really inspire me!! 🥰

  • London Terrell
    London Terrell

    Nate "niki has a really small head so..."

  • Mizz Mushroom
    Mizz Mushroom

    They should do this video but by things for each other❤️

  • Anna Lu
    Anna Lu

    I was so disappointed when Nate didn’t use the code real...

  • janethmcpeak

    Niki: fendi is mt favorite designer bag me: target is my favorite designer

  • jungkookie kookie
    jungkookie kookie

    I want to see niki and gabi buy their bfs luxury gifts:(((

  • Paul Prinsloo
    Paul Prinsloo

    I feel so jelous right now i jabe a account wow onlone shopping is my favroute but am only 11 years old

  • Bree Layden
    Bree Layden

    My favorite part is 2:30 😂

  • Yoselin Nanduca
    Yoselin Nanduca

    Me and Niki have the same fox ^^ (The Handsanitizer Holder)

  • Madison Selby
    Madison Selby

    Omg I am obsessed with that emerald green fendi bag that Niki got it’s sooo cute

  • Lidia

    Is Nate a libra?

  • Baeron Cagatan
    Baeron Cagatan

    Girlfriend buys boyfriend designer outfit pleaseeee

  • Create with Lexi
    Create with Lexi

    anyone else feel single when they watch this?

  • Nayelli Gone
    Nayelli Gone

    Nate looks so cute, he looks like a little kid

  • diana elizabeth
    diana elizabeth

    Gabi doesn't have her ears pierced?

  • Sara Hoxha
    Sara Hoxha

    both of them are so cute

  • Livi Divi
    Livi Divi

    you should do swapping boyfriends luxury shopping

  • Taylor Mealing
    Taylor Mealing

    Not gabi doing the Ariana laugh at 14:22 😂

  • EmeraldAnnabelle

    Hearing gabi say: “it’s a big deal honey thank you!” In such a sweet voice literally made my day I hope they get married

  • EmeraldAnnabelle

    Colin 1 minute 26 seconds in: I have a limit of 1,000 dollars My budget: like $7

  • Luna Watson
    Luna Watson

    12:01 an easter egg 🥚 ALONE IN MY CAR👁️👄👁️

  • Sara Elliott
    Sara Elliott

    nate is giving me major libra vibes in this video lol.

  • Angela nagrampa aler
    Angela nagrampa aler

    Niki,Nate,Gabi,Collen making me feel single/lonely for 16 mins

  • Hadleigh Fox
    Hadleigh Fox

    My last name is fox

  • Emily5

    “More stuff that... the other girls don’t buy” 😂😂😂 because she’s nOt lIkE OthEr gIrlS?? 😂😂😂 I’m dead!! 😂😂😂

  • Daniel Yee
    Daniel Yee

    Love it

  • Alba

    Nikki dropping the alone in mu car in minute 12:00

  • ayxsha

    You should do last to ignore your boyfriend 💅

  • Carlee Gaytan
    Carlee Gaytan

    Anyone else realize her face when she said when I’m alone in my car and then she comes out this song called alone in my car

  • A Mason
    A Mason

    You should make this a series. I would watch it. 😉💕

  • Orange Juice
    Orange Juice

    imagine both of them with the merrell twins that would be a good twin collab

  • Ghazala Rahman
    Ghazala Rahman

    gabi is so appreciative and it’s so cute

  • Toni Pavlovick
    Toni Pavlovick

    Niki predicted her new song in this “now I’m gonna think of you every time I’m alone in my car”😂

  • Ayala Giveon
    Ayala Giveon

    12:00 "every time I'm driving alone in my car" lmao foreshadowing

  • Cari Ro
    Cari Ro

    wait gabi does not have her ears pierced like if you are shook!

  • Addie Pancoast
    Addie Pancoast

    8:14 “fun right?”

  • Alissa Lauffer
    Alissa Lauffer

    I'm ready for a wedding 💚💚

  • mackenzie n
    mackenzie n

    did anyone catch the reference “alone in my car”

  • Zosia P
    Zosia P

    The haul at the end lol

  • Clara Nicole Kho
    Clara Nicole Kho

    Niki: I'm going to think of you whenever I'm driving alone in my car. Me: *thinks of Niki's song*

  • Sravani Aadipudi
    Sravani Aadipudi

    You should make a vide where you do the same thing except reversed and you shop for Nate and Collin

  • Sravani Aadipudi
    Sravani Aadipudi

    You are are both so gorgeous 😘😍 love you guys

  • Melody Landry
    Melody Landry

    Forced 😬