Cooking for our Boyfriends Challenge! SISTER vs SISTER
while stuck at home we wanted to challenge our cooking skills and see which twin could cook the best for their boyfriend! both boyfriends pick their favorite meal, and both of us have to cook it for them, and then get judged on TASTE, TECHNIQUE & PRESENTATION, lollll. wish us luck!
#cooking #Challenge #SistervsSister
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If you see this, comment "that wasn't a burger?!?"
only those who watch up to that point will know what this means ;)
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We’re Niki and Gabi! We hope you enjoyed our Cooking for our Boyfriends Sister vs Sister Challenge video! We’re twin sisters who are different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make videos like challenges, sister vs sister, cooking, photoshoot challenges, 24 hour challenges, DIY, swaps, shopping challenges, 24 hour challenges, diy, style, beauty, lifestyle, fashion, comedy, types of girls, music, and more!

  • leigh-ann Adams
    leigh-ann Adams

    Gabi's cheek contouring is distracting...

  • Jessica Hutton
    Jessica Hutton

    Colin and Gabri act like such a married couple

  • Miss Noela
    Miss Noela

    he meant to put a negative (-) before the numbers lol on Nikki's side. Gabby takes the challenges more serious, but Nikki does everything else for the channel. Def team work.

  • Kayra

    The scented candle next to the crab cakes makes me feel so uncomfortable

  • Nainna Kaur
    Nainna Kaur

    I want more cooking videos and shopping videos 😄

  • Agnes Chipungu
    Agnes Chipungu

    did she say powderd sugar for a chicken sandwich

  • Aliza Gulzar
    Aliza Gulzar

    Can u please do a video that u only eat fast food for 24 hours

  • Allosin

    I only know how to make eggs, quesadillas and tacos I mostly learned how to cook bc my mom went to work and due to covid i had to do distance learning so I learned how to cook but I actually like cooking

  • Reagan Schumacher
    Reagan Schumacher

    10:17 hahah “after all that!?”😂😂

  • K D
    K D

    I actually loved the ginger hair on niki lol

  • Emmalee Parker
    Emmalee Parker

    Collin: ughhhhh Gabi: u wanted it Me: XDDDDDDD

  • Kiwi Sushi
    Kiwi Sushi

    these challenges are so unhealthy

  • Oneli Wanix
    Oneli Wanix

    I love watching HRpostsrs cook like its best thing to watch😂 tehe

  • Dakota Barrett
    Dakota Barrett


  • Lily Richardson
    Lily Richardson

    Are they twins

  • Kiara Velinda
    Kiara Velinda

    “It’s a little burnt” Literally seconds from turning into Ashe

  • Avery Powell
    Avery Powell

    It’s so funny how niki called out Collin. “Ten ten ten I love you hunny😘” Had me dead😂💀

  • Tatem Schearer
    Tatem Schearer

    ya um colin and nate should cook instead

  • Clover_ Lover
    Clover_ Lover

    The fact that niki’s chicken Immediately turned into charcoal lol

  • rustybunny

    i thought it said "cooking our boyfriends!!" like they were eating there bfs😫

  • Kiara Gonzalez Aguirre
    Kiara Gonzalez Aguirre

    Can you please do a three piec panting and it came be anything you want or your favorite animal please do this I love Niki and Gabi blogs

  • Alayna Madsen
    Alayna Madsen

    The way gabis face was when she ate crab cake 😂

  • Lindsay !!!
    Lindsay !!!

    I feel like Collin just wants Gabi to win so he always gives her 9 or higher but Nate gives want is best for want Niki makes. Its unfair to Niki and she notices and doesn't let it bother here but it annoys me some much. I'm not trying to be rude or anything it just gets on MY nerves!

  • Felicia KPBSFS
    Felicia KPBSFS

    When nate said "Well that's how you learn" It melted my heart

  • Rosy Sung
    Rosy Sung


  • Mariyah Wilson
    Mariyah Wilson

    or insted you can put the chinken in a air fryer

  • Bralee Shoemake
    Bralee Shoemake

    Jesus Loves You so so much!!

  • Mickayla Small
    Mickayla Small

    oh my

  • Alexa Holland
    Alexa Holland

    “It feels like an organ” how do you know how an organ feels like?

  • Aniyah’s Vlogs
    Aniyah’s Vlogs

    You should do Quarantine morning routine

  • Asian_Da Brat V
    Asian_Da Brat V

    Is that an Hickey I see or is it my eyes

  • Emily May
    Emily May

    Niki saying the chicken BREAST feels like a orgin.... it is a origin

  • Jhayra Reyes Garcia
    Jhayra Reyes Garcia


  • kxylie_.

    Girl it’s ok my mom didn’t learn to cook until she was like 37 lol

  • Eliannah Nguyen
    Eliannah Nguyen

    Wait lol just noticed niki said she never made RAW chicken from scratch lol nobody makes raw chicken from scratch they cook it not make it lmfaoo this made me laugh

  • Eliannah Nguyen
    Eliannah Nguyen

    They should have cooked the same foods and then did not say who cooked what that way it’s not bias not saying they were but it would be more interesting that way

  • Ferbear

    This video made me laugh so hard

  • Bobbi Moreno
    Bobbi Moreno

    One color food challenge

  • Sabika Kazmi
    Sabika Kazmi


  • Gigi Bonbon xo
    Gigi Bonbon xo

    Niki using a woden chop board is not good. Throw it away it will give you sominala

  • Vanessa Lopez
    Vanessa Lopez

    I can’t with nikis face 6:18 ahahaha

  • Jaslene Alvitres
    Jaslene Alvitres

    Omg the chick fil A sandwich lowkey looks like the mondo burger from Good Burger (it’s a movie)

  • melvin reed
    melvin reed

    U should do a drink challenge like punch or something great video

  • Amy Le
    Amy Le

    You guys are pretty

  • Daniella Mazzola
    Daniella Mazzola

    How about Nate and Collins cook for gabi and niki

  • Martha Beales
    Martha Beales

    Niki=Collin is going to say 10 10 10 love you gabi mwah. Me=well gabi did do a lot better

    • Lola Gutierrez
      Lola Gutierrez

      Fr tho

  • Em’s Dragon
    Em’s Dragon

    I know

  • mymelody san
    mymelody san

    gabi: doesn’t like crab cakes collin: loves crab cakes tHE OLive thEoRY

  • Larsa Sha
    Larsa Sha

    Omg I love you so much

  • Hottie Kokichi
    Hottie Kokichi

    Niki: it feels like an organ! My mom: how dose she know what an organ feels like? Me: I DONT KNOW MOM HOW IS POOP GREEN

  • Didi correa
    Didi correa

    You and nikki should diy clothes for boyfriends

  • Iolie

    Bruh gabi’s makeup looks so bad... I love her but it looks wack

  • Mrs. Jewell
    Mrs. Jewell

    Am I the only one who thinks that when Niki said “10, 10, 10 I love you honey mua mua mua” was the funniest part

  • Sadie Vincent
    Sadie Vincent

    I'm a cook slash baker and watching this was..... very entertaining. Lol not to hate

  • belvanny ahza
    belvanny ahza

    Niki you cannot be a wife if you cannot even touch a raw chiken, good luck with your practice 😊❤

  • Griffyndor Granger
    Griffyndor Granger

    Collin pit the nine cause he didnt wanna look like he was being lovey dovey but nate was realistic

  • hype Girls
    hype Girls

    Babi had a hicky on her chest

  • •Karma Daily•
    •Karma Daily•

    I don’t think Gabi won because Collin wanted her to but because gabi is just a really good at cooking!!

  • Abi Still
    Abi Still

    Is anyone else concerned about how Niki knows how an organ feels

  • Kinnley Thurston
    Kinnley Thurston

    Crabcake? Crabcake for a favorite meal?

    • Abi Still
      Abi Still

      It looks kinda grid when it's a mixture

  • Vinsa335

    Can we appreciate how PRETTY they both are?

  • Jade Idk
    Jade Idk

    Nate really just gave niki a good score for her technique when she burned it and messed up.

  • The Friend Group
    The Friend Group

    Am I just crazy or does the crab meat look good 😌????

  • Abigael Petticrew
    Abigael Petticrew

    Video idea picking out each other’s outfits for a week

  • Lisa Marie Esquivias
    Lisa Marie Esquivias

    Niki cross contaminated when she put the bowl on the cutting bored tray that probably went right into the refrigerator

  • London Terrell
    London Terrell

    Hey it's London,with the crab cake you should've but it in cupcake holders.

  • Senumi Jayawadena
    Senumi Jayawadena

    I want niki to make collin food and gabi to make nate food

  • doILookLikeIGAF?

    I thought she was ariana Grande for a minute😂💯

  • drakon slayer
    drakon slayer

    I just found out Nate's short for Nathan haha

  • Jaycee Hay
    Jaycee Hay

    i love how niki kept looking up at nate when she was touching the chicken like to make sure she was doing it right, so cute 🥺

  • Sun Tianli
    Sun Tianli

    I love who niki and Gavin have different personalities☺️

    • Amaryn Cranford
      Amaryn Cranford

      the hell is gavin

  • Ru Xin Chiam
    Ru Xin Chiam

    This is one of my favourite videos

  • Bree Layden
    Bree Layden

    Gabby is Pinterest Nikki is Instagram

  • Bree Layden
    Bree Layden

    1:01 is the best part!

  • Nicole Dill
    Nicole Dill

    nate ,sweet collin , funny niki , confident gabi ,bold and girly

  • Aisha Charif
    Aisha Charif

    Parttttt 2. Pls

  • Lovely Peachy
    Lovely Peachy

    “Feels like a organ” how do you know how it feels like ? Love y’all so much

  • Malia Salminen
    Malia Salminen

    Niki: I don't know how to cook chicken Me: It's okay, I am still scared to turn on the stove

  • Katelyn lewis
    Katelyn lewis

    6:16 DEAD

  • Annie Banannie
    Annie Banannie

    I love Niki’s makeup in this video. She’s glowwwwing to me 😍 (yes gabi is gorge as well) but I just love the natural look on Niki, it suits her so well.

  • Sandra L
    Sandra L

    Nikki: feels like an organ Meat is muscle, and muscles are an organ! This is why I don’t eat meat 🥴

  • Hannah Dewey
    Hannah Dewey

    Niki I love your shirt, gabi I love your kitchen

  • Lia Gilgoff
    Lia Gilgoff

    I feel like in every challenge gabi wins but niki trys the hardest 😂 LOVE WATCING YOU GUYSSSSS

  • Jewl’s Spot!
    Jewl’s Spot!

    Niki are you sure it said to fry the chicken and not bake it???? You said “oven” not stove lol 😂

  • Cimarron Marks
    Cimarron Marks

    It’s the using a wood cutting board for me. I love y’all.

  • Farahnaz Ainy
    Farahnaz Ainy

    11:19 🐥🦆

  • milzycyrzs

    “Feels like an organ” well, it’s a dead bird lmao

  • univexse Star
    univexse Star

    That burn made it relatable- *to me* *Peanut butter* *read more*

  • Kylie Kim
    Kylie Kim

    It just seems like their bragging that they have a boyfriend Like if you agree

  • Smol Bean
    Smol Bean

    Oh god oh god, the chicken is on a wooden board, 😱😱😱

  • cheikh niang
    cheikh niang

    girl i hope she washed that chicken

  • Natsu

    Lol i live in the philippines😆😆 sooooo we usually just eyeball when we fry atleast i do sooooo yea....

  • SiimplyStar

    Niki: uhh it feels LikE a organ Me: YOU HavE ToUCHED A ORGAN??!!!??

  • lak ASMR
    lak ASMR

    Now IM HUNGRY watching this!!!!!

  • Breanna Douglas
    Breanna Douglas

    Through the video I was correcting them bc I have been cooking since I was 4 😂

  • Reagen Haley
    Reagen Haley

    so cut loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Adanna Belgrave
    Adanna Belgrave

    Did anyone realise at 4:39 Nikki said powdered sugar, it's supposes to be flour thats why the chicken burnt so quickly.

  • Mr. A’ Channel Arellano’s
    Mr. A’ Channel Arellano’s

    When gabby said Quack she had something in her neck and it looked bad

  • lulubxrry

    Am I the only one who actually did the recipes

  • shaznay thomas
    shaznay thomas

    I have to agree with a Gabi, I tried crab cake for the first time and I did not like it. Also this comment is extra late but oh well

Mame mi
257 tis.
Mame mi
257 tis.