Living Like Celebrities Stuck at Home for a Day
celebrities are stuck at home the same way we are right now, except they're living it a little bit differently.. so we decided to find celebrities' posts on instagram of what THEY'RE doing while stuck at home, and try it ourselves! watch to see how ridiculous this is lol
#celebrities #stuckathome #athome #livinglike
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We’re Niki and Gabi! We hope you enjoyed our "living like celebrities stuck at home" video! We’re twin sisters who are different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make videos like challenges, stuck at home, at home videos, celebrities, tricking our followers, DIY outfits, making outfits, sister vs sister, photoshoot challenges, 24 hour challenges, DIY, swaps, shopping challenges, 24 hour challenges, diy, style, beauty, lifestyle, fashion, comedy, types of girls, music, and more!

  • Peyton Is cool
    Peyton Is cool

    Why is nobody talking about how pretty gabis voice is

  • Natalie Martinez
    Natalie Martinez

    When gaby pretends that Collin is her husband now Collin is actually about to be

  • Bhuyian Kiron
    Bhuyian Kiron

    Wow! Thanks for the video!!

  • Ariana Bonnick
    Ariana Bonnick

    Me: seeing title Also me:but you too are already celebrities!

  • Mariam Ahmadi
    Mariam Ahmadi


    • Mariam Ahmadi
      Mariam Ahmadi


  • Jahlelah Button
    Jahlelah Button

    Savage love

  • Caleigh Thomas
    Caleigh Thomas

    Niki that weird dance is called savage love

  • Tessa Neumann
    Tessa Neumann

    I was literally playing sims while watching this

  • Stina Tylee
    Stina Tylee

    PS Nikki the name of that tick tock dance that everyone is doing is one of my favorites and it is called Savage Love

  • Ava Case
    Ava Case

    They are celebrities

  • Courtney Dixon
    Courtney Dixon

    I love how in pictures gabi is stassie and Niki is normally kylie but they switch places

  • Maleeha Sarfraz
    Maleeha Sarfraz

    I am surprised gabi didn’t choose Ariana grande

  • Ayleah Childress
    Ayleah Childress

    Omg Gabi sings amazing

  • Piper Eclipse
    Piper Eclipse

    Gabi's voice is sooo angelic❤️💓

  • Jaxan Bruton
    Jaxan Bruton


  • Serenity Park
    Serenity Park


  • Elizabeth Ko (Grade 4)
    Elizabeth Ko (Grade 4)

    Gabi does skincare with makeup on lmao 😂

  • Dom C:
    Dom C:

    2:29 did he say kinky 🥲

  • LaDenia Landrum
    LaDenia Landrum

    This was so funny😂😂

  • - Puppy Royal -
    - Puppy Royal -


  • Citadel Cruz
    Citadel Cruz

    Why does Collin looks like my crush at school😂😂😂😂😂 btw if you wanted to know last year in valentines day my crush saod he got flowers from his crush ididn't give him flowers because i thought it would be obvious i like him 😭

  • Hasse !
    Hasse !

    Me when I realized who Vanessa hudgens was!!!! And then realized Gabi really looked like her

  • Bellaa

    The spiky conga seemingly joke because cylinder interestingly admit during a incredible magic. cooperative, diligent bracket

  • Wolf Hecking Pack
    Wolf Hecking Pack

    Bruh it took me a while to realize their twins WTF-

  • Olivia Russell-Walker
    Olivia Russell-Walker


  • Rylie Farris
    Rylie Farris

    Gabi should be Aarn groaned day

    • Rylie Farris
      Rylie Farris

      Sorry cant spell

  • Nma Aja
    Nma Aja

    Dam Niki I love you're stayl

  • Arianna Galvan
    Arianna Galvan

    It’s did some body

  • Ami Marshall
    Ami Marshall

    Yes I watching this in 2021

  • Ami Marshall
    Ami Marshall

    Niki it’s savage love

  • kaylee fuller
    kaylee fuller

    Can you please post more i love this channel and would love to see some more content please

  • Queen Jc
    Queen Jc

    You look and you look and act like Ariana Grande🥰🥰

  • raincloud

    but arent they celebrities

  • Madeline Garigen
    Madeline Garigen

    You are a celebrity

  • Makena Vlashi
    Makena Vlashi

    Gabi sounds so good singing

  • My Melody
    My Melody

    please do not use that Mario brand! their mists are literally just pure fragrance and water- go to skin care by hyrax and YOU WILL KNOW.

  • Breah Ballwahn
    Breah Ballwahn

    But they are celebrities

  • Mercy (Mercy Jane) Ryness
    Mercy (Mercy Jane) Ryness

    lol I just realized that each of the last celebrities that Niki and Gabi were following were both from High School Musical lol (Ashley Tisdale: Sharpay, Vanessa Hudgens: Gabriella)

  • addisyn

    Can we just say GABI has an amazing voice

  • Priyanka Jha
    Priyanka Jha

    Why do they not stay together the look so good together

  • b2by._ m0ch1
    b2by._ m0ch1

    when u use sink water-

  • Lexi


  • Cocoxboba


  • Shendy Kids
    Shendy Kids

    Did anyone else hear jesus christ

  • Koon Ching Cheng
    Koon Ching Cheng

    Gabi’s friend’s baby girl, Winnie is so adorable and gabi acts like Winnie is her daughter

  • Tshiamo Pilane
    Tshiamo Pilane

    You guys need to make a drive thru prank I liked it

  • Ashlyn Harper
    Ashlyn Harper

    omg just see each other i don't really care

  • Jonette Aaliyah
    Jonette Aaliyah

    How do you guys do DS videosq😎

  • Christina The Great
    Christina The Great

    haha the both did high school musical actors :D

  • Aida AA
    Aida AA

    Isn the tiktok queen charli damelio

  • geets world
    geets world

    Gabi kinda looks like kylie jenner..... 🤔

    • Serenity Park
      Serenity Park

      Not really but I guess

  • Caroline Chin
    Caroline Chin

    The weird dance Niki said is called savage love

  • Hollie Drummond
    Hollie Drummond

    I'm watching this why Collin and Gabi is engaged

  • Mia Yeoman
    Mia Yeoman

    lol they are celebs

  • Arielle Hawman
    Arielle Hawman

    get tested and go hug your sister!!!!!:) happy for ya

  • lizzy du preez
    lizzy du preez

    I love vanessa

  • Jesse Arceo
    Jesse Arceo

    I love your voice in my head I was like I want her voice

  • Sheryl saraii Vella
    Sheryl saraii Vella

    2:57 Gabi is so cute

  • honey bunny zara
    honey bunny zara

    The niki in purple outfit I mean that dance is savage love dance

  • The Lace family
    The Lace family

    Gabi looks like ariana grande 🪐

  • Brina Švarc
    Brina Švarc

    Gabi is the best

  • Cuty Cat
    Cuty Cat

    That is saved love

  • Ava Roblox
    Ava Roblox


  • Skye Mcmullen
    Skye Mcmullen

    I know I'm probably the only one but I don't really like Niki

  • Lyla Lieds
    Lyla Lieds

    How old are they

    • Serenity Park
      Serenity Park


  • Ell Bells
    Ell Bells

    Niki and Gabi: we are living like celebs Me: you already are...

  • Melike Kinasakal
    Melike Kinasakal

    24 hours caling Gabi

  • amanda snyder
    amanda snyder

    Gabby called Colin her husband and then total child to call her mommy

  • pepin puput
    pepin puput


  • Fruitloopz 9911
    Fruitloopz 9911


  • Tea Tok
    Tea Tok

    Niki: gOtTa WhIsK tHe MaTcHa Nate: JeSuS cHrIsT NiKi

  • Ava D
    Ava D

    I can't wait for gabi to have a little girl 😘


    Niki dose not know that song it’s savege love Jason Derulo


    Gabbi: ohhhh

  • Arisha Khan
    Arisha Khan

    Who’s here in 2021 🤨

  • Jaelene Roca
    Jaelene Roca

    Subscribe and like the video 😊💕

  • I love Ariana Grande
    I love Ariana Grande

    Like your not celebreties....

  • Rosa Sánchez de Rivas
    Rosa Sánchez de Rivas

    So cute

  • MG - 03TJ 855541 Robert J Lee PS
    MG - 03TJ 855541 Robert J Lee PS

    that baby is so freaking cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Anna Garnica
    Anna Garnica

    billie elish and ariana grande

  • miguel kosasih
    miguel kosasih

    I use to be biiìiiiiiiiig fan on venassa hudgen

  • miguel kosasih
    miguel kosasih

    I follow ashley tisdale on IG and tik tok

  • Viv Plays Games!!!
    Viv Plays Games!!!

    6:35 haha guess you don’t know about Charli but niki I love u and Gabi

  • lillian scott
    lillian scott

    just dance

  • Ortiz Matteia
    Ortiz Matteia

    jessica 39 gabi 25

  • Audrey Martinez
    Audrey Martinez

    Gabi has the singing voice of a Disney princess if that makes sense

  • Hayes Family youtubers
    Hayes Family youtubers

    Gabbi is a beautiful singer

  • Alayna Parson
    Alayna Parson

    gabi should pass out on facetime while doing a reveal from a online shopping chllenge

  • Eyveleen Ramos-Thomas
    Eyveleen Ramos-Thomas

    The dance it's call savege Love

  • Jalyssa Colon
    Jalyssa Colon

    I felt very uncomfortable when I saw Niki in the swimsuit it was kind of weird...

  • Fabiola Vazquez Sanchez
    Fabiola Vazquez Sanchez

    I feel like Gabi would be a great mom!

  • Angeline gifta Arockia sahayaraj
    Angeline gifta Arockia sahayaraj

    Gabi sis u r singing very well Im loving ur voice when u r singing it is so so beautiful 😍😍♥️♥️

  • Dino CrazyWeirdo
    Dino CrazyWeirdo

    You guys are frikin celebrities! Love u guys xxxx

  • Mi Keh
    Mi Keh

    Do you have a beautiful voice Gabby

  • Lia Gilgoff
    Lia Gilgoff

    OMG I NEVER NEW ALY HAD A BABYYY Also gabi ur such a great singer!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lia Gilgoff
    Lia Gilgoff

    Guys my for you page on tiktok and yt is all niki and gabi 😂

  • Lizzy Whitlock
    Lizzy Whitlock

    ive been quarentines since friday march 13th

  • Valeria Nicole
    Valeria Nicole

    Isnt Charlie dmailio the tik tok queen??????

  • Sadie Smith
    Sadie Smith

    Love yallllllllllllllll

  • chels marie
    chels marie

    I would love to watch you play PC Sims Niki ☺️😄 make a gaming channel.. think about it 😍😏😂