Making Outfits with Things Around the House + Tricking our Followers Challenge
we wanted to challenge ourselves to make outfits with things around the house, while stuck at home, and see if we could trick our followers on instagram... watch to see how we did mwahaha
#DIY #Challenge #outfits
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episode 1: "creep in the club"
episode 2: "he won't pay attention to me"
episode 3: "the problem is you"
episode 4: "harassed by strangers"
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only those who watch up to that point will know what this means ;)
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We’re Niki and Gabi! We hope you enjoyed our making outfits with things around the house video! We’re twin sisters who are different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make videos like challenges, tricking our followers, DIY outfits, making outfits, sister vs sister, photoshoot challenges, 24 hour challenges, DIY, swaps, shopping challenges, 24 hour challenges, diy, style, beauty, lifestyle, fashion, comedy, types of girls, music, and more!

  • indira widjaja
    indira widjaja

    TBH Niki and Gabi trick us a LOT

  • Kayla

    Does anyone know where Niki got that top from in the reveal it’s so cute xx

  • Miss Noela
    Miss Noela

    Gabi wins this one

  • Grace M Official
    Grace M Official

    You both look cute on any outfits

  • Jaslene Alvitres
    Jaslene Alvitres

    Can you guys plsss make outfits for your pets

  • Emily Jones
    Emily Jones

    Collins ok was so cute 🥺

  • Vanessa Swan
    Vanessa Swan

    I love it

  • Baby Gaga
    Baby Gaga

    I wish I could shop your March

  • aver8060 aver8060
    aver8060 aver8060

    i love your you tube chanal

  • Raquel Catalano
    Raquel Catalano

    This I so cool

  • Micka Katan
    Micka Katan

    u girls are so cute and creative :D

  • Serenity Park
    Serenity Park

    0:20 I'm Niki and I'm Gaaaaabi

  • charlotte farrell
    charlotte farrell

    Who just randomly just found them and kept watching them WELL I DID !!

  • aru

    Gab is so cute

  • Macy Walker
    Macy Walker

    The shaky tip desirably impress because swallow simplistically moor above a bent grouse. waiting, bright turkish

  • AnimalArt_YT

    Niki is WAY more baddy than Gabi... sooooo

  • caroline stutz
    caroline stutz

    gabi:'' wanna come to get some accessories with me?'' collin:'' okay:)''

  • AnimalArt_YT

    I agree with Niki, the outfits they made were so cute but they do look D.IY

  • Justin Brooks
    Justin Brooks

    I love that idea and the atfits ashly look's like a rill owfits

  • Lori Lacroix-Medeiros
    Lori Lacroix-Medeiros

    I love you ❤️❤️😍❤️😍

  • Jolin Cecilia kam
    Jolin Cecilia kam

    50 50

  • Jolin Cecilia kam
    Jolin Cecilia kam

    Hi love love

  • Katie Cane
    Katie Cane


  • isabel rayla
    isabel rayla

    gabi: “...during qUar. i’m not going to say the whole word because it’s blacklisted on youtube” also gabi 5 seconds later: “qUaReNtiNE”

  • Kawaiolu Tranilla
    Kawaiolu Tranilla

    Happy birthday

  • Rychelle Rogers
    Rychelle Rogers

    i kinda want you to do a vid where you play a fashion game then play three rounds then post it on instagram then ppl comment which they like the best and you have to wear that for 24 hours P.S im such a big fan and pls reply

  • Macy Walker
    Macy Walker

    The royal fountain pharmacodynamically worry because barber ontogenetically point amidst a teeny-tiny twist. ripe, handsomely soprano

  • Gabi Gaffney
    Gabi Gaffney

    Who remembers blue haired Niki?

  • Elle Belle
    Elle Belle

    Gabi: quar- because I can’t say the whole thing 5 seconds later: sO iN qUaRaNtInE

  • Don Leyzz
    Don Leyzz

    Gabi is like cat from Sam and cat omg ur my fav

  • Serenity Park
    Serenity Park


    • Serenity Park
      Serenity Park


  • Serenity Park
    Serenity Park


    • Serenity Park
      Serenity Park

      Her face

  • Serenity Park
    Serenity Park


  • Jackson McKelvey
    Jackson McKelvey

    so they could use there closet

    • Jackson McKelvey
      Jackson McKelvey

      wait nvm lol

  • Katie Glover
    Katie Glover

    u guys would really quarantine urself with ur boyfriends then your own twin sisy?

    • ʟʝ

      they have their own place

  • Twitchy

    I love niki Gabo my favssssss

  • Destiny baker
    Destiny baker

    i love you guys and wish i could met you guys so bad todays my b day im 21

  • Elliana Hamilton
    Elliana Hamilton

    what happened on Gabi's shoulder area?!

  • Alexa Holland
    Alexa Holland

    The fact Niki actually fit herself into headbands gives mental health problems

  • Alexa Holland
    Alexa Holland

    Gabi: do you wanna come with me? Collin: (5 minutes after) OK

  • c h l o e
    c h l o e

    I love these too sooooòooooo muchhhhhhh! But i would never guess they are twins lolllllllll Stay safe all!

  • nicole Hi
    nicole Hi

    Can you do another video in 2021

    • Serenity Park
      Serenity Park

      On Gabi's vlog channel she explained their doing another Niki and gabi take

  • bisma angel
    bisma angel

    Gabi is so beautiful

  • Isabella Torres Villa
    Isabella Torres Villa

    Gabi should diy other things because she was really good at diying the clothes 💗 and I was shocked 😲😮😯🤭

  • Stella Solberg
    Stella Solberg

    PLEASE do more diy outfit vids

  • Nusayba Ait Brahim
    Nusayba Ait Brahim

    Ok but why does gabi look like ariana

  • Kateyy!!

    this really showed me how flat niki is IM SORREYDNJKS

    • lol

      But she kinda has curvs like not flat af but not curvy af yk

  • Ma hai Hai
    Ma hai Hai


  • Top Nika
    Top Nika

    Nicki: I don’t wear dresses! Also Nicki: on the 24 hour shopping spree half of the stuff she gets is dresses

  • Dusan Petrovic
    Dusan Petrovic

    Gabi wan

  • N Patel
    N Patel

    Why Nikki had blue hair she looked like Billie The singer idk how to spell her last name and Gabi looks like Ariana Grande

  • Margaret Leak
    Margaret Leak

    Niki I love you

  • Margaret Leak
    Margaret Leak

    Start doing funny

  • Gizplay

    Did You see Gaby when she wear the white thingy with the brown belt when she was getting off the car they showed her high heels and her feet were sweating😂😲😂

  • Cata Aravena
    Cata Aravena

    ok si pero nadie notó que gabi tiene una marca roja en el cuello? JAJAJAJ

  • Clem Fowler
    Clem Fowler

    Colin - `perfect, you look great' AWWW

  • Peyton McCloskey
    Peyton McCloskey

    Anyone else just watches them for hours

  • rahim ali
    rahim ali

    I can not believe that they can make outfits out of stuff around their house that is really hard to do.

  • Phoebe Fancy rose
    Phoebe Fancy rose

    You two are cute

  • Eden Mendez
    Eden Mendez

    6:01 niki freaking out about a skirt

  • Emily Brown
    Emily Brown

    Wait you can edit comments OML YOU CAN MDKDIJDKKD

  • Moganadevi Pathmanathan
    Moganadevi Pathmanathan

    Omg has your outfit is killing it

  • Sasha hussain
    Sasha hussain

    only gabi would look good in a shower curtain

  • Carolina Lopez
    Carolina Lopez

    There follower watching this

  • Layla Hinch
    Layla Hinch

    Niki: I will wear these headbands as a top! Me: I feel like this long sleeve shirt is too tight, I will wear oversized sweater!

  • Adriana Hernandez
    Adriana Hernandez

    is that a hickey? 0:05

  • just a weird one
    just a weird one

    NIKKI IS SO SMART OML btw so smart with saving to paper andcstuff

  • Rosie Roads
    Rosie Roads

    I love this but niki only did tops 2/3 times!

  • Sekai Mureza
    Sekai Mureza

    You did not trick me because i'm watching you'r video. bye bye bye

  • Joan Marie Clare Felas
    Joan Marie Clare Felas

    Nikki’s 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Kristen Ledbetter
    Kristen Ledbetter

    why niki do you have 146 unread messages and 3,693 unread emails???????? WHY???????? tell me why

  • Safa hussain
    Safa hussain


  • zaza adventures
    zaza adventures

    Gabi: I'm gonna just say qaur cause youtube be blacklisting vids that say the full word Also gabi: says QUARANTINE 5 seconds wtf lol



  • It’sKay

    Hi Nikki and Gabi

  • Serenity Park
    Serenity Park

    Gabi: Im not gonna say the full word ...(2 sec later) You don't wear any clothes on a date in ~quarantine~ w/ ur bf

  • Jacqueline Litchfield
    Jacqueline Litchfield

    I love bunny’s

  • Aysha Althawadi
    Aysha Althawadi

    i love your videos and you guys are very creative

  • Maya

    i feel like gabi was more challenged cause she made a whole outfit

  • Mandy Melanson
    Mandy Melanson

    Love the vibe on the 2 one but I feel the skirt is too short

  • Kacey Leyten
    Kacey Leyten

    For the 1% reading this god bless you all 😇😇👏👏🙂☺️😌🙏

  • Quinn Coolidge
    Quinn Coolidge

    Whos watching this in 2021

  • freidah - boss s
    freidah - boss s

    Are you guys sisters

  • Mindy !
    Mindy !

    I want moreeeeeeeeeeeeee of these videos

  • jillian mary macuja
    jillian mary macuja

    Hi niki and gabi i love your video every morning i whatch your videos😻😻😻😻

  • Cessy Molina
    Cessy Molina

    Troom troom is QUAKING

  • DarkRed Rage25
    DarkRed Rage25

    What is your Instagram

  • Zoe Reyes
    Zoe Reyes

    Why do You love chanel ??


    You know this is to everybody nomatter what you have or how you look you will always be special if you are insecure you will never get through life always be positive I love you and stay safe

  • Kathleen Forster
    Kathleen Forster

    Living for the idea of a bunny room. I need that for my bun

  • Emilie King
    Emilie King

    Do you guy s live together

  • Eshaal Khan
    Eshaal Khan

    I like gibi

  • Misty cloud Shadow
    Misty cloud Shadow

    Loveeee your outfits Gabi!!😍

  • life of liyah yt
    life of liyah yt

    Nicky looks like Billy ilish or how ever u spell het name

  • Jordyn Padgett
    Jordyn Padgett

    I love your blue haer but the red is cut

  • Hoa Xuan
    Hoa Xuan

    Niki's skirt looks bomb tho!!

  • Crystal Tisdale
    Crystal Tisdale

    Gabbie looks like Ariana Granda😻

  • Kathy_kat

    Ngl when she was happy she sounded like cat from sam and cat.

  • Vivianna Davila
    Vivianna Davila

    I love your outfits❤️😍🥰😱

  • Katharine Hager
    Katharine Hager

    Ohmygawd!!! I have to comment on Gabbi's pillow dress outfit! *this is the third comment i've left while watching this video*

395 tis.