Making-Over my Girly Sister to the "Dark Side"
this is a 2-part makeover series where we give eachother EXTREME maksovers into each other's styles. in this makeover video, I transform my *GIRLY* sister emo ;)
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We’re Niki and Gabi! We hope you enjoyed our Answering Assumptions About Us video! We’re twin sisters who are different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make videos like challenges, sister vs sister, photoshoot challenges, 24 hour challenges, DIY, swaps, shopping challenges, 24 hour challenges, diy, style, beauty, lifestyle, fashion, comedy, types of girls, music, and more!

  • Julia Ruth
    Julia Ruth


  • Miso Mcetywa
    Miso Mcetywa

    Wow Gabi you look very cute 💖😻

  • Koki Wilson
    Koki Wilson

    Have you ever seen the movie moxie?

    • Koki Wilson
      Koki Wilson

      Also love your style Niki and Gabi

    • Koki Wilson
      Koki Wilson

      On Netflix

  • Natalie Hale
    Natalie Hale

    Is it just me or when Gabi was doing her hair in the mirror she looked a lot like Kendall Vertes

  • Issy May xxx
    Issy May xxx

    Gabi KILLED this look niki did a good job picking it outt

  • audreyy york
    audreyy york

    i fell like gabi should be emo shes so cute in the outfit

  • the complexion
    the complexion

    It needs fishnets

  • seashellxi

    What is your guys’ Pinterest? I would love to follow you!

  • Luis Paz
    Luis Paz

    A good name for Gabi is fab gab

  • Scarlett Xxx
    Scarlett Xxx

    Why does gabi low-key is like Steph from after in this look

  • Ellie Pearson
    Ellie Pearson

    Idk why but I feel like Gabi in the opposite style looks like Inanna Sarkis

  • sunrises

    Gabi looks so good with brown hair

  • tastelessramin

    where did gabi get that white blouse? it’s so cute

  • Julienne Ashley Cortez
    Julienne Ashley Cortez

    Video request: I want to see you sisters pick a style or do your own styles on an avatar like sims or in any dress up game. 🖤

  • sheri smith
    sheri smith

    Ok 9 love niki necklace the hello kitty one it's so grudge and adorable

  • Joker

    she looks so much better

  • Tealy Panda Dances
    Tealy Panda Dances

    U should have that style u should just rock it

  • Michelle Do
    Michelle Do

    I love their sister love relationship❤️

  • Coles Wifey
    Coles Wifey


  • Rinchindorj Dashdavaa
    Rinchindorj Dashdavaa

    Why does she rock this look tho

  • Charlie Hughes
    Charlie Hughes

    OMG girl you look so good. i wish you were my sisters!!

  • Itz Liyah
    Itz Liyah

    2:03 Me:thats the skirt that niki use to make an outfit 'uglier' Also me: it ???...

  • Jhope's Snakeu
    Jhope's Snakeu

    She looks like Niki omg😭🤚

  • Joshlyn Hawn
    Joshlyn Hawn

    Gabi looks good in everything lol😀

  • Chloe’s Vlogs
    Chloe’s Vlogs

    Go to alternative outfits

  • Aubrey’s EDITS
    Aubrey’s EDITS

    Lol yaaaaaas queen ✨🖤

  • PinkyGxmer_Roblox

    Gabi looks so freaking good in the outfit what the heck

  • Systolic Koala
    Systolic Koala

    Gabi looks like an evil barbie girl

  • Harley Miller
    Harley Miller

    I love that look on gabi more than her normal.

  • Kaitlyn Lauver
    Kaitlyn Lauver

    It looks sooooo good!!!

  • the wall JHOPE throws himself on
    the wall JHOPE throws himself on

    They both rocked each others looks ❤️

  • Melbski

    I wish I could dye my hair like niki's

  • Skyler Smith
    Skyler Smith


  • Kay Kay
    Kay Kay

    you guys should do a swapping houses video!!

  • Kay Kay
    Kay Kay

    it fits you so well


    gabi better GETTIT!!!

  • Brittany Taylor
    Brittany Taylor

    Gabi is such a B*tch on this channel. I don’t understand it.. you’re so mean to your sister! Ugh. You looked good gabi.

  • Jyotikana Ghosh
    Jyotikana Ghosh

    You look good

  • McKinley Saulter
    McKinley Saulter

    I love these different aesthetic videos it would be great if you guys made more of these

  • Активный Гражданин
    Активный Гражданин

    Почему...почему они все такие страшные? Видимо красивые девушки не нуждаются в этих тряпках, призванных убрать внимание от лица, фигуры и состоянии кожи - всего того, что важно для мужчины по-настоящему. Что сигнализирует ему о хороших качествах девушки в случае беременности и здоровья (красоты) ребенка. Слава Богу, что в моей стране это понимают, хоть и был потребительский перерыв в 30 лет (от распада СССР) Всем удачи и веры в себя.

  • Hi Genesis
    Hi Genesis


  • Cacti Boi
    Cacti Boi

    this was posted on my birthday i love that!🤣

  • Siena Notaro
    Siena Notaro

    Ahhh where r these queens I NEED them to post more ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Grace Winters
    Grace Winters

    Gabi really rocked this look i didn't expect that from her ❤!!!

  • the birkett
    the birkett

    I like it my name is alora

  • Lolek


  • Angel Vega-Guerra
    Angel Vega-Guerra

    Gabi look 100% cute

  • Happy

    Gabi looks like a monster high doll😍😍😍 i love it 🥰

  • Nafisa Ali
    Nafisa Ali

    Why did I just now find out about these two omg where have I been I’ve been on HRposts since 2013 how did I NOT KNOW ABOUT U GUYS UNTIL TIKTOK! Fuck the HRposts algorithm! But I’m glad I’m here now

  • Deondra Persaud
    Deondra Persaud

    Gabi Rock the style I would be jealous too and when Nikki said I feel like a mom it remind me of something.....🙁gabi I am so sorry I love you I love you both and wow that's how high school Gabi used to look

  • Jazzy Jazz
    Jazzy Jazz

    Wow she is very pretty btw I like both styles I can’t pick at alllll I also love Ariana Grande and I’m more like a girly girl so I am just like gabi also Ariana Grande is my idol lollll I am going to be a singer just like her

  • sophie da
    sophie da


    • Ali Afnan
      Ali Afnan

      you seriously ran out off words there😂😂

  • Coffee_ TikTok
    Coffee_ TikTok

    U should do nikki and gabi as VSCO girls or soft girls

  • Mallory Gacha Stories
    Mallory Gacha Stories

    Gabie change to that side

  • A&M Gang
    A&M Gang

    Gabi is beautiful in both styles like she can work any style

  • pink cookie
    pink cookie

    Why not swape styles with fashion dolls like emo goth look monster high girly princess look for everafter high

  • anasala family / عائلة انس و اصالة
    anasala family / عائلة انس و اصالة

    I'll be posting 🎀faaaaanccy🎀 contact in my channel !!!!!! *just for those who love fancy things* My Instagram is: @fancy_rora 🎀

  • _Blossom19_

    Niki is E-girl And Gabi is Soft Girl

  • Kate Cutting
    Kate Cutting

    Who is here after the smoky glow video🙋🏼‍♀️

  • Joyce Anne Mercader
    Joyce Anne Mercader

    Niki before : vintage Niki now : emo

  • DJ Carmel
    DJ Carmel

    I love niki and gabi they make my day better I want more videos also niki, gabi I really want to be noticed by you guys love you like a friend see ya!

  • Tanisha Gulati
    Tanisha Gulati

    Okay but gabi rocked that look 😌

  • Natalie Kate
    Natalie Kate

    I didn’t know she lived in pa

  • jULia

    ok ive noticed you've talked about the fox eye trend a lot im like super mad about it because asians have been bullied for years about their eyes and then some white girl makes her eyes look like that and now its a "trend'' called the fox/cat eye?

    • amber lopez
      amber lopez

      what.. when you see a fox or a cat do their eyes look asian? They're litterally round with the elongated ends. They're not like human eyes at all.

    • reagan schwartz
      reagan schwartz


  • sarah sullivan
    sarah sullivan

    anyone gonna talk about how that's NOT what emo looks- that's like, grundge, not emo, but whatever lol.

    • sarah sullivan
      sarah sullivan

      @Betsy Allen it's like a grunge-ish-kidcore/y2k or something idek lol

    • Betsy Allen
      Betsy Allen

      It’s not even grunge

  • Emilie Raoult
    Emilie Raoult


  • Go to hell Princess cupcake
    Go to hell Princess cupcake

    If anyone sees princess cupcake commenting tell her to stfu

  • Naman singh
    Naman singh


  • Ella Rose
    Ella Rose

    I can’t figure out if I am Niki or Gabi? I am girly like Gabi, but love the bright neon colors and style like Niki!!🤷‍♀️

  • Ella Rose
    Ella Rose

    I can’t decide if I am more Niki or more Gabi? I am girly like Gabor but love the bright neon 80s 70s style!!!🤷‍♀️

  • Sk Milano
    Sk Milano

    OMG she looks amazing. She gives off major Holly from “After we Collided” vibes

  • dobby cookie
    dobby cookie

    why haven’t they posted in a long time has something happened

  • Peyton McCloskey
    Peyton McCloskey

    Who else thinks gabby looks just as good in this style

  • blanchechen igot
    blanchechen igot

    she looks good

  • babyface17

    Niki "It's a Ten for Me!" That was so cute 🥰 Gabi killed this look!

  • Bts army
    Bts army

    Ok am I the only one who legit thinks that in this video gabi is extra beautiful like she is.beautiful every video but for me this one is one of gabi best look

  • Tabitha Whittle
    Tabitha Whittle

    Everyone all calm till the emo music comeing swinging shade 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟👉👈👉👈👉👈👉👈

  • Baneen Al Hilfi
    Baneen Al Hilfi

    Wow she looks amazing

  • Xxbaby_ gumXxD
    Xxbaby_ gumXxD

    That outfit was not grunge so stop saying grunge

  • Tlholohelo Moeketsi
    Tlholohelo Moeketsi

    You look like blonde niki wow love this

  • Megan Casey
    Megan Casey

    oop i remember them...

  • Tishandy Allen
    Tishandy Allen

    They need to post more

  • Desiree Adjei
    Desiree Adjei

    I miss Niki and Gabi

  • Its_Marlee_Duh2010

    I hate girly stuff sorry gabi

  • Gãchä pøtäø lifë
    Gãchä pøtäø lifë


  • Royal Ame
    Royal Ame

    “I’m so f***ing excited”

  • Princess Ashley
    Princess Ashley

    Gabi looks so frickin good

  • Sarah Cochrane
    Sarah Cochrane

    what are they’re pinterest’s ???

  • I am Meci
    I am Meci

    The look came out BOMB! Niki know what she doing!

  • Emily Albertelli
    Emily Albertelli

    Ok- who else needs to see Niki in Indie and Gabi in boho?

  • Marisa Irven
    Marisa Irven

    Love this look! 😍 where are those boots from! I absolutely LOVE them!

  • Nina Bouchard
    Nina Bouchard

    I’m sorry but niki just tries way to hard to be different like she’s not Emo she just has good style like?

  • Heidi Ng
    Heidi Ng

    Gabi looks AMAZING!

  • Naz Hawras
    Naz Hawras

    She looks disappointed and discosted

  • Meciah mcateer
    Meciah mcateer

    Photo reveal: 3,2- Ad: "am I pregnant😂?"

  • Μαρία Φλώρου
    Μαρία Φλώρου

    you look wayyyy better in this style

  • moon light howler
    moon light howler

    I feel like an emo girl

  • Drew Lily
    Drew Lily

    Woaaahhh Gabi looks wayyyyy better

  • Karma Sherif
    Karma Sherif

    Omg Gabi!she is looking FIRE!!!!🤍 #gabinewlook! #gabilookfire!

  • Natty Joanna Marks
    Natty Joanna Marks

    Where is the spray painted leather jacket from? I really want it