Opposite Twins DIY Eachother's Clothes Challenge
we wanted to SWAP clothes & DIY them to FIT OUR STYLES! let's see if Niki can transform Gabi's clothes into something she'd wear, and if Gabi can transform Niki's clothes into something she'd wear to match their aesthetics!
#DIY #twins #Challenge
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If you see this, comment "THE PANTS HAUNTED GABI LOL KARMA"
only those who watch up to that point will know what this means ;)
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We’re Niki and Gabi! We hope you enjoyed our Opposite Twins DIY Eachother's Clothes Challenge video! We’re twin sisters who are different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make videos like challenges, sister vs sister, photoshoot challenges, 24 hour challenges, DIY, swaps, shopping challenges, 24 hour challenges, diy, style, beauty, lifestyle, fashion, comedy, types of girls, music, and more!

  • Heidi Ng
    Heidi Ng

    Lol Collin talking about how he wanted the neon jacket 🤣

  • Ava Bartels
    Ava Bartels


  • Grace

    the clothes gabi made are HIDEOUS

  • Harshada Venkat
    Harshada Venkat

    1 year later at the same day lets gooooo ...

  • Serafina Fool
    Serafina Fool

    Today, the day that I'm rewatching this again, is the one year anniversary since this video was posted.

  • ciya Jadhav
    ciya Jadhav

    She said fugly 😶🤣

  • audreyy york
    audreyy york

    nikis a artist

  • Abella Alcaraz
    Abella Alcaraz


  • Maddie Edwards
    Maddie Edwards

    Gabbys jacket though

  • Gaming Love
    Gaming Love

    Gabi has style💕

  • Rhianna Chloe
    Rhianna Chloe

    "mY dEaResT NiCoLa" i love gabi 😭😭

  • Audrey Rodriguez
    Audrey Rodriguez

    The intro: I’m niki😎🧢🔥💧and I’m gabi✨🥺😘🧚‍♀️🦄🌸

  • Kate Magno
    Kate Magno

    Dose Gabi have a bunt

    • Kate Magno
      Kate Magno

      Does Gabi have

  • Mairaj Ul Haq
    Mairaj Ul Haq

    okay so gabween is really cute the first one 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • dad and mum Hegedus
    dad and mum Hegedus

    🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤯sow 😎 🆒️

  • Mabrey

    I hope they weren’t too attached to these cloths

  • J/10 B/44
    J/10 B/44

    Gabi: glues and puts bows on it Niki: Crops everything

  • Princess Claire A. Mojica
    Princess Claire A. Mojica

    2:29 BTS J-hope who wore almost the same pants in his Chicken noodle soup mv:👁👄👁

  • Charli D'amelio
    Charli D'amelio

    omg you are so beatiful

  • the_Glittery_GlitterNN :3
    the_Glittery_GlitterNN :3

    You guys are so creative 🥺❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥

  • Aletta May
    Aletta May

    They r not twins

  • Caitriona Power
    Caitriona Power

    You must 1

  • Flora Bloom
    Flora Bloom

    I love gabi but niki won ,☺️🙄

  • Carmen

    Y’all know the DJ marshmallow had those pants 👖

  • Roxana Aikmaner
    Roxana Aikmaner

    13:02 WAIT look at the right of your screen at Gabi and look behind her.. *Bunny entered da chat*

  • Pearl Diamond
    Pearl Diamond

    I'm gaby's style I like long dresses an I like covering up but I kinda only like that nink where comfy clothes bug I dont like crop tops

  • Alexa Holland
    Alexa Holland

    I am really curious, ik Nate’s the videographer but what it’s his actual profession?????

  • Sara Benbassat
    Sara Benbassat

    Omg you should go to the Charity shop then make the Clothing in to something rlly nice

  • Khalid Eltayef
    Khalid Eltayef

    Niki is the winner

  • Heidi Comayagua
    Heidi Comayagua

    Love ur vids ❤️

  • Heidi Comayagua
    Heidi Comayagua

    Me: thinking who gabi’s mom Also me:wait there twins....

  • Kenzi Vlogs
    Kenzi Vlogs

    Omg I love watching there vids there so creative

  • Charli Chocolate
    Charli Chocolate

    I did not like gabi’s 2 outfit not to be rude in my mind it is just not my style

  • Art with Me
    Art with Me

    Im sory gabi but i like niki

  • Beth S
    Beth S

    You guys should do a video where gabi gives Niki Collins clothes and Niki gives gabi nates clothes and they make an outfit for themselves

  • Madelyn Kuehne
    Madelyn Kuehne

    I hate all the stuff having made

  • Marit Hedberg
    Marit Hedberg

    is it just me or does niki's outfit look like crap?

  • nana vang
    nana vang

    I love how she makes gabis clothes so pretty

  • TK Baptiste
    TK Baptiste

    she has a bunny what i6s cute aww

  • Rylie Farris
    Rylie Farris

    hey can u get try to get a new boyfriend for 24 hours

  • robloxgamingxx butterfly
    robloxgamingxx butterfly


  • Maddie H
    Maddie H

    They both suit there style so much

  • Rusne Matul
    Rusne Matul

    I love Gabi rabbit

  • briggsCranx03

    My birth stone is pearls

  • Candido Cisneros
    Candido Cisneros

    Whi is nikki wareing a mexican top she is a cultural appripator

  • Polly Sewell
    Polly Sewell

    Sossy but gabi looks like ariana hrande

  • Siimply Emma
    Siimply Emma

    Not to be rude but I don’t think that jacket that Gabo made is shabby chic

  • Erin roy
    Erin roy

    WHEN ARE U GUYS GOING TO UPLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Heather Sizemore
    Heather Sizemore

    Gadys 1st d. I.y 😆

  • Nazneen Momen
    Nazneen Momen

    You guy's can do a 3 course cooking 🍳 challenge


    How Gabi gave Niki some other things and Niki Gave Gabi the things she knew she hated

  • •m4Rshm3ll0w•

    Are we just gonna ignore when Gabi was showing the hunter jacket after she DIY it, there’s a bunny behind her-

  • Isabella Granger
    Isabella Granger

    I just realized I have the moonlight perfume by Ariana Grande

  • Annabelle Skerten
    Annabelle Skerten

    I thought she cut it uneven on purpose it kind of looks good like that

  • JJ Hewitt
    JJ Hewitt

    Niki: ‘i hate pearls’ Gabi: *offended* ‘wHaT’

  • Eden Mendez
    Eden Mendez

    Your guys's videos are getting me through quarantine

  • Sela Kristine
    Sela Kristine

    Jokes on Gabi Nikita Dragon thos same Type pants

  • Maida Abdiwali
    Maida Abdiwali

    Gabi never is in the same bedroom and it always matches her outfit.

  • Addisyn H
    Addisyn H

    The jacket is so awful it made me want to die

  • Josh Simp
    Josh Simp

    whiy you saying the f wood I am 7

  • Ru Xin Chiam
    Ru Xin Chiam

    I like how Niki wiped the box after she put it in the bed XD

  • Monkey Monkey
    Monkey Monkey

    I swear Gabbi look like Ariana Grande for us I cant you confused me

  • Meher Khakwani
    Meher Khakwani

    Can we talk about how much Collin wanted that jacket

  • Sunflower Jasmine!
    Sunflower Jasmine!

    While Gabi was reaveling her coat there was the cutest bunny I've ever seen it was just like ELLO fans so cute! Oh and nice job!💙💖

  • Steinar Jacobsen
    Steinar Jacobsen


  • Dennis Schuler
    Dennis Schuler


  • Maria Huntley
    Maria Huntley

    Ok, Niki do you ever not wear a crop top

  • ingrid lopez
    ingrid lopez

    My dearest nicola ,gabi 2020

  • GroovyCookie5000

    Girl needs a seam ripper lol

  • Daniel Johansson
    Daniel Johansson

    The way Gabi Said Nikola 😭😂🤣

  • Olivia Kania
    Olivia Kania

    Is it just me or is Nikola sounding like a polish name


    i really like gabi idea

  • Alexis Adams
    Alexis Adams

    I love watching you guys I am a kid but its ok

  • Eloise Lang
    Eloise Lang

    Nikki like me she’s like kinda gothic or tomboyish and girly kinda like me

  • isa lol
    isa lol

    I feel like Colin likes Nikki

  • Kate Vl
    Kate Vl

    But like who throws Ariana Grande perfum in box of random clothes💀🤣

  • SCrafts

    You should try a Only wearing or eating one colur for a day.

  • SCrafts

    should try

  • Hello Hi
    Hello Hi

    Ok but why is she painting on a bed

  • Aaron Deguzman
    Aaron Deguzman

    Gabi just and advice when painting fabric use fabric paint love u niki and Gabi

  • Jeannescape

    13:04 bunny just appears bunny:why hello🥴

  • Joyce Paulson
    Joyce Paulson


  • Joyce Paulson
    Joyce Paulson


  • Joyce Paulson
    Joyce Paulson


  • Lylian Godwin
    Lylian Godwin

    Nikki appreciate those scissors

  • Lolipop Central
    Lolipop Central

    Her bunny is so cute!!!

  • Audrey Summerton
    Audrey Summerton

    Gaby’s hair looks so pretty! I like it shorter

  • Sophia Ambrose
    Sophia Ambrose

    ogs rember the diy hallowen coustume

  • Rebecca Moen
    Rebecca Moen

    iT’s NoT WiNtEr TiMe SwEeTiE, its spring time...

  • Muggles The dog
    Muggles The dog

    13:07 😂 Collin puts the bunny on screen

  • Peytonpuff

    There outfits are sooo curr ty w

  • Jazy Alzaid
    Jazy Alzaid


  • Griffyndor Granger
    Griffyndor Granger

    I am sorry gab but that jacket nah

  • Coco on Roblox
    Coco on Roblox

    I love this vid

  • Evelyne Presendieu
    Evelyne Presendieu

    Niki and Gabi kind of look like twins to me and I like how one likes pink and the other likes green and how one talks like Lady Gaga and one talks like Ariana grande and Nikki looks like Lady Gaga and Gabby looks like Ariana grande

  • Z H
    Z H

    I want a prat 2

  • Ian Thomson
    Ian Thomson

    Wait there sisters why can't they see each other

  • Jaylah Arao
    Jaylah Arao

    Sisters or cousins

  • sebastian aguilar
    sebastian aguilar


  • kwlmt42

    Are you guys sister's???