Reacting to DRAMA Scenes from Niki and Gabi Take Bahamas
watch us react to our JUICIEST most DRAMATIC scenes of Niki and Gabi Take Bahamas!
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episode 3: "the problem is you"
episode 4: "harassed by strangers"
episode 5: "getting sent home"
episode 5: "panic attack in the ocean"
episode 6: "don't you realize what I've done for you"
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  • Clint Thomas
    Clint Thomas

    Y'all need Jesus

  • Maia O’Connor
    Maia O’Connor

    Like you said Niki, everyone deals with stress, anxiety and being scared differently. Alex was probably laughing because she was also freaking out. Like you said, ppl deal with it differently

  • Megan Patterson
    Megan Patterson

    I have an anxiety and I get attacks like Niki, and it’s a really real thing

  • Rebecca Knight
    Rebecca Knight

    6:00 sounds luke Gabi😂😂

  • Ella Smith
    Ella Smith

    Everyone in this chat they literally just said to not make the comments a war zone plz stop

  • Cindy Taylor
    Cindy Taylor

    I meant that was a good speech

  • Cindy Taylor
    Cindy Taylor

    Nikki that was Beach for anxiety because I have anxiety

  • Spring Lady
    Spring Lady

    Everyone is talking about Rachel being toxic, but she was honest to god being fake for the cameras. She was bad acting. Niki on the other hand WAS NOT. Niki freaked out about coffee and then gaslit and manipulated Gabi during the fight in the terrace. “I’m not going to let you have this victim moment” and the way she was speaking and looking at Gabi was TOXIC. So condescending!

  • Photomontage

    On behalf of everyone, they need to get rid of 2 toxic, rude and just plain mean people... RACHEL and JESSIE!!!

  • Julia Ryder
    Julia Ryder

    Please don’t cast Rachel next season she was being so awful :(

  • Emma 5501
    Emma 5501

    The phrase is Don't poke the sleeping bear.

  • Laila Briceno
    Laila Briceno

    Why is Niki still friends with Rachel and Jessie there fake !!💀

  • Anna 1115
    Anna 1115

    Notice how all of these scenarios are involving niki

  • Bellaa

    The understood bite temporally fire because rain thankfully cheer aboard a psychotic woolen. snobbish, tightfisted improvement

  • Luna Flores Garcia
    Luna Flores Garcia

    I felt bad for niki on the boat but I literally couldn’t stop laughing 😭😂

  • cannon\mill kids
    cannon\mill kids

    I love you Niki but just like you said anxiety is different for everyone, that’s goes for Alex too. Some people laugh when there nervous so for you to say “anxiety is different for anyone” but then say “look i know my sister she’s was laughing” she could still be anxious it’s double standards

  • rosie

    niki’s just a brat tbh

  • Brooklyn Short
    Brooklyn Short

    Will there be another season on niki and gabi?

  • TheWizardCørgi

    YOU GUYS SHOULD GO TO JAPAN!!! I feel like you guys will have so much fun their with amazing foods and of course, DRAMA!

  • Nugget Chip
    Nugget Chip

    I feel Niki sometimes never appreciate what everything Gabri has done for her if l had gas I as a sister l would trust her with my life

  • Taylor Ellis
    Taylor Ellis

    I was really upset with Niki at the Bahamas for all the petty crap she did. But when she explained why she acted that way, and she apologized for it I felt a lot better about her. If that makes sense

  • Heidi Ng
    Heidi Ng

    When Gabi pours the drink back. Yass 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Some Random child
    Some Random child

    I’m glad both NIKI anddd GABI are way more mature now

  • Ciara albiston
    Ciara albiston

    Put Xena on the show!!!

  • Jessica Messica
    Jessica Messica

    Niki was so annoying the entire season.

  • Clare T-W
    Clare T-W


  • gordon malmsten
    gordon malmsten

    Hi I’m just asking if I could do it for a while and then you have a good night and you have to go follow up queen bed bath bath bed hbu bed and sleep well I have to do it today and I’m not mad I

  • Danielle Roberts
    Danielle Roberts

    Niki and Gabi, I wanted ur advice... I have really bad anxiety, where the medication I have, which are pills. But, my anxiety is so bad, where I can't take my mediation. So I wanted to ask you two... what do you think I should do?

  • Dhwani Khanna
    Dhwani Khanna

    you guys should come to India there are a million fans of yours in India

  • Marciela Ramirez
    Marciela Ramirez

    Gabi is a good ass sister she made a date for you. she gave you a pep talk. and when jessie poured a drink on you, she poured a drink right back

  • Gillian Kilker
    Gillian Kilker

    Can we just delete Rachel from any shows in the future tho.

  • Melissa Konter
    Melissa Konter

    Nikki girl that's my biggest fear in life in to. Im Soo scared of big body's of water and boats . I hate hate hate them !!

  • Elly Anderson
    Elly Anderson

    2020 changed niki for the better, love her second channel

  • Bolaji Awokunle
    Bolaji Awokunle

    I love that niki is saying the truth about her self

  • Mia Maker
    Mia Maker

    I don’t feel like Alex was faking her anxiety she probably was uncomfortable so that was all she could do

  • RunFromHumanContacts

    Did she say "ventinate" ? Instead of vent? Whuu

  • Jayleen C
    Jayleen C

    Who els watching this in 2020 😂

  • Vijaya Jaganath
    Vijaya Jaganath

    Nikki and gabi take Seychelles...

  • Amanda Anthony
    Amanda Anthony

    Please go to cape town south africa

  • Leslie Bran
    Leslie Bran

    I found Niki so annoying throughout every season 🙃. I watch her more on her separate channel but I feel like this series has really shown her true colors in a setting where she isn’t prepared for her own video and has a script and is in control. This is how she is in person and that isn’t someone I want to be friends with, literally the debby downer.

  • Ps

    She’s mad she was taking her friends side when she moved in with her ex friends 👀

  • Fluffy Alpaca
    Fluffy Alpaca

    Btw the phrase is “Don’t beat a dead horse”.

  • Lia Gilgoff
    Lia Gilgoff


  • valmardela

    "Anxiety is not an excuse to be rude to people around you". Period. Note to self.

  • SpSu!

    niki is a spoiled bratty bitch. Gabi is so fun and relatable and enjoys the moment while niki throws a tantrum over iced coffee and a boat. Like grow up.

  • Bethany Turner
    Bethany Turner

    I wish they reacted to what racheal did cause it was fucked up

  • Marcella Lunardini
    Marcella Lunardini

    i really hate how niki talking about her coffee freakout was “i’ve been working on my coffee addiction” like girl u literally had an all expenses paid trip to the bahamas while some people can’t even get food. i normally really like niki, but i feel like she’s changed a lot and not really in the good way

  • Some One
    Some One


  • kayta willhoit
    kayta willhoit

    I really wanted y’all to react to how rachel was talking to Alex

  • Savannah Zappia
    Savannah Zappia

    is there going to be a 6th season!?!?

  • Ayana Robinson
    Ayana Robinson

    I love seeing this channel grow I watched you all since 2015 and truly you guys have grown and found yourselves especially niki because niki really has found her style and herself she not trying to find herself and hurry and be someone as she used to and I love that and I’m so proud of her !

  • RecoveringGlamGirl

    I love how Gabi specifically asked you people to not take sides or come for Nikki and you all literally did exactly that. Pathetic and childish

  • Theshininggirl

    makeup tutorial

  • Laurie Cochran
    Laurie Cochran

    Yeah please do a season 6 of nicki and gabi I loved all the seasons

  • bailee siera
    bailee siera

    you need to get thru your head that your sister prob had to vomit and she shows it in a different way. in know way was she begging for attention and the fact that you were comleatly fine after you found out you could take insta pics which makes it look like your the one who wants attention and think your the only one with anxiety bc " your not like other girls" lmao anxiety is not a trend to make other ppl feel bad for you. get over yourself niki

  • Aanya

    my repect for gabi when she poured a drink on jessie 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈

  • Danielaa Montesinos
    Danielaa Montesinos


  • sister canceled
    sister canceled

    A 26year old woman crying for fucking coffe what on earth

  • Jacky Valentine
    Jacky Valentine

    nikkis hair is everything

  • emilee

    Do not cast Rachel and Jessie. We do not want to see that

  • caroline grace
    caroline grace

    one of gabi’s freak outs WASNT even a freak out it was literally her talking in an accent that’s how unproblematic gabi was lol

  • Natsu

    Imma be real i was so proud if gabi when she poured water on jessie

  • Kuri Cho
    Kuri Cho

    WE HATE RACHEL. PERIODT. i will literally stop watching if rachel’s there.

  • Maureen Zachas
    Maureen Zachas

    gabis face at 10:43 like oooo she dont like them either

  • Julia Paton
    Julia Paton

    THE GROWTH!!! Watching you guys after this season I’m so proud of y’all 💕

  • poronesian parapio
    poronesian parapio

    are we sure gabi doesn't have did....... (this is just a joke)

  • Neve Kelly
    Neve Kelly


  • Riley Hostetler
    Riley Hostetler

    “Anxiety attacks look different for everyone” Yes they do yes they do, anxiety is real thing and i have not suffered with it but I pray for everyone struggling or even if you’re not I pray for you.♥️🙏🏻♥️


    Niki has toxic friends

  • David Mendoza
    David Mendoza

    gabi : when i popped off bitch you call that pop off? 💀

  • Korra TALKS
    Korra TALKS

    I am in love with the Tye dye crop top shirt Niki is wearing. Sorry if this has come up already in the comments does anyone know where it’s from?

  • Hello People
    Hello People

    I am extremely EXTREMELY afraid of spiders and everyone makes fun of it. But it isn’t funny at all, they scare me so much I get panic attacks

  • Ngôn Mặc
    Ngôn Mặc

    epic rap battles of history

  • Eliza Karpowicz
    Eliza Karpowicz

    If Jesse and Rachel appear in the next season, Im not watching it. Theyre not good for both of you and are really fake and toxic. Cut. Them. Off.

  • Jessica Do
    Jessica Do

    Tbh that whole season was a shitshow

  • Lara Josephine
    Lara Josephine

    I feel bad that I can’t take the fight at all seriously 😐

  • gita

    gabi with the accent reminds me of jade from little mix i love it!

  • sophia

    niki i hated how u acted in this episode, but i love u haha ! u both r my fav youtubers

  • Miranda Eguren
    Miranda Eguren

    i actually understand how niki felt on that boat and her anxiety attack and i dont think is fair all the hate she received at least on that scene. everyone on the boat (but gabi and nate) acted like she was crazy but anxiety can be shitty some times and as niki herself said it is not an excuse for being rude but still i totally get what she was going trough and how she was feeling. ps nate was so patient he really loves her not everyone acts so calm when someone is having an anxiety attack

  • Glitter Babe
    Glitter Babe

    I actually do have tip if you want coffee keep doing smaller amounts of coffee then you want need it anymore

  • Anonymous

    The immaturity tho🤦🏼‍♀️😂

  • Marys_world_1

    Bruh u need to go to Italy 🥰🥰

  • Caren Zeferino
    Caren Zeferino


  • Ghalya Al-Mahmoud
    Ghalya Al-Mahmoud

    who else wants niki and gabi take London

  • odette grace
    odette grace

    all we ask is one thing guys do *not* cast Rachel and Jesse next season

  • Sophia McLean
    Sophia McLean

    ok, I absolutely love you guys but like, it looks like you're really trying to be the kardashians in this video

  • Clarissa E
    Clarissa E

    Niki is golden in this! She recognizes how she messed up and she wants to get better about these things!

  • Kate Tanner
    Kate Tanner

    we need to see more of captain Rebecca

  • Gabriella Romain
    Gabriella Romain

    Hi love u

  • Leslyyy

    I find it how funny how they asked not to turn the comment section into a war zone but we all did lmfao

  • Bridgette Anderson
    Bridgette Anderson

    niki is so stuck up!

  • Fiona Hutchinson
    Fiona Hutchinson

    Do one in PARIS!

  • Olivia SHARKEY
    Olivia SHARKEY

    I’ve just realised how dramatic niki is

  • Olivia SHARKEY
    Olivia SHARKEY

    So is this acting or....

  • Sydney Dean
    Sydney Dean

    my fav thing about arguing with my friends is when we already made up and then make fun of what we said

  • Nivine Ishaq
    Nivine Ishaq

    Niki is always acting like the victim

  • Kasey Ann
    Kasey Ann

    Niki is not a good sister

  • Happy Slime
    Happy Slime

    I agree that they should've reacted to Rachel being a jerk, but I noticed that they only reacted to their dramatic scene and not of the others.

  • Megan Kinzer
    Megan Kinzer

    Hawaii or Bora-Bora

  • El G
    El G

    I can relate to Niki, I have anxiety and I had a bad attack in school and almost passed out, I was 10, now I'm 11.