Sisters Swap Aesthetics *Halloween Edition*
we have opposite styles and opposite ideas of what we would wear for halloween costumes, so watch us swap halloween aesthetics + styles ;)
#swap #halloween
making cute outfits out of halloween costumes:
Alone in My Car - NIKI DEMAR official music video
"Alone In My Car" out now
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If you see this, comment "the pirate lmfao"
only those who watch up to that point will know what this means ;)
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We’re Niki and Gabi! We hope you enjoyed our Making Cute Outfits out of Halloween Costumes video! We’re twin sisters who are different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make videos like challenges, sister vs sister, photoshoot challenges, 24 hour challenges, DIY, swaps, shopping challenges, 24 hour challenges, diy, style, beauty, lifestyle, fashion, comedy, types of girls, music, and more!

  • Georxxia

    I kinda think niki won

  • Sally Lynn
    Sally Lynn

    The riverdale cheer outfit made my inner riverbabie’s heart happy ♥️

  • Chloe Dyer
    Chloe Dyer

    O_O...Who all knows what Niki means by"Collen and Gabi have a thing for________"O_O

  • Miss Noela
    Miss Noela

    Nikki copies Gabbie a lot more then I thought

  • sheri smith
    sheri smith

    When I see the pirate outfit Captain rebecca here

  • Justin Pawluk
    Justin Pawluk

    Wait what’s the inside joke about Colin and gain??

  • Midari ikishima
    Midari ikishima

    Their like my two aesthetics

  • Collen int
    Collen int


  • karma hedia
    karma hedia

    Me saying:shi- Few secs later Niki:shi-

  • Moriah Fenton
    Moriah Fenton

    I love the red hair😍

  • Kate Magno
    Kate Magno


  • Angela Burris Mendoza
    Angela Burris Mendoza

    I found them yesterday and I’m addicted to them

  • Justin Brooks
    Justin Brooks

    I said both

  • Jyotikana Ghosh
    Jyotikana Ghosh

    I strangely like nikki in the dead bride costume with her red hair

  • Lilly Liberová Lilly
    Lilly Liberová Lilly

    lol Colin and gabi have a .... if you know you know lol

  • Sofia and Hermes gamers
    Sofia and Hermes gamers


  • Aaliyah

    I love nikis hair so much

  • cloudyy_ vibez
    cloudyy_ vibez

    Frankenstein boots LMAO

  • GWADA4971

    Now I see the resemblance mind you ive been here since the first video I'm so embarrassed

  • Lea Shabanhaxhaj
    Lea Shabanhaxhaj

    Sorry. Gabi but Niki. did better

  • Kolbie Koehn
    Kolbie Koehn

    i love you gise

  • Serenity Park
    Serenity Park

    the pirate lmfao

  • Aatiyah Carelse
    Aatiyah Carelse

    The wedding dress Niki where was so pretty because she is pretty

  • *ayesha *
    *ayesha *

    Omg I have the same type of red riding hood cape xD

  • Sofia Nicolaas
    Sofia Nicolaas

    Like niki said people that have been around for a while we know about Gabi and Collin with pirates

    • Keetu Kaur
      Keetu Kaur

      Captain rebecca

  • Haillie The gamer
    Haillie The gamer


  • Tahir Hussain
    Tahir Hussain


  • Bibi Safia Kholil
    Bibi Safia Kholil

    Oh wait now I can see the twins they are twins i didnt see that befor

  • Minnie.pretzel Kid
    Minnie.pretzel Kid

    Niki -👌👈-IM DEAD-😭

  • Raisa

    If I was niki for the scary round I would have bought gabi a killer maid but like cute so those like cute dresses with tights but she would have knife

  • Cassandra K
    Cassandra K

    is it just me or they seemed closer in this video

  • Tayle Cavazos
    Tayle Cavazos

    low key kinda annoying

  • Cosy cactus
    Cosy cactus

    Gabi 100%

  • maddy sharp
    maddy sharp


  • Kusum Lata
    Kusum Lata

    You always selected nice combination

  • yara Ist cool
    yara Ist cool

    niki was better

  • Lillie Corbett
    Lillie Corbett

    For a video you should let your boyfriend's pick your outfits for a week love you vids xx

  • Lily Reynolds
    Lily Reynolds

    I love your guys videos so much I'm your biggest fan

  • Anna Garnica
    Anna Garnica

    i like the riverdale costume and the swat costume

  • maddy sharp
    maddy sharp

    noice niki and gabi im both fanss of u but ive been watching fancy vlogs im really sorry but im fans of both of you im deeply sorry these who are offended

  • Heidi Ng
    Heidi Ng

    Gabi you look so good in the swat outfit!!

  • Nicole Nesbit
    Nicole Nesbit


  • Danielle Ayala
    Danielle Ayala

    Gabi nailed it! I loved all the costumes she picked for Nikki.

  • cutie pumpkin
    cutie pumpkin

    OMG!I was Sally for Halloween lol

  • Marisa Irven
    Marisa Irven

    I want those Frankenstein boots 🤣

  • Keetu Kaur
    Keetu Kaur

    I wonder what Niki meant when she put her finger and then made a hole with it for the pirate outift

  • Jessica Leiva
    Jessica Leiva

    Still waiting for the roast video 😂❤️

  • Cayla Dickerson
    Cayla Dickerson

    OMG I love Riverdale!!!!!

  • Arianna Contreras
    Arianna Contreras

    I hated it when gabby said that she didn't like the scary outfit because it's not supposed to be cute😠

  • Tiana Fuller
    Tiana Fuller

    Gabi did not do sally justice :(

  • Tiana Fuller
    Tiana Fuller

    Red rising hood is perfect for niki 😍

  • Tiana Fuller
    Tiana Fuller

    I love aphrodite outfit!

  • Maryss Haim
    Maryss Haim

    Who’s watching a bunch of Halloween vids rn? Just me...... idk I just love Halloween

  • Heart Bunny
    Heart Bunny

    Nikki I am like Her hates being itchy🤮👎🏻 I am not really a pretty pink girl sorry to say that Gabby but my little sister is 👡👛💍 I 🐼

  • Mushroom Gurl00
    Mushroom Gurl00

    I am going to be swat next year now 😂

  • Asher Presscott
    Asher Presscott

    😊U sisters look fabulous in those costumes❕ @Nikki and Gabi

  • lea ash
    lea ash


  • lea ash
    lea ash

    i like your videos

  • Evangelina


  • Lacey Jane
    Lacey Jane

    They are so shady to each other lol

  • Abigail MarquezPineda
    Abigail MarquezPineda

    you look prety

  • Hadley Wilkins
    Hadley Wilkins

    :me thinking that this video was in 2017: me noticing that it was 2020: 😨

  • Veronica Lodge
    Veronica Lodge


  • Angel Maria
    Angel Maria

    This video title should be "niki buying costumes in gabi's esthetic and Gabi making fun of nikis hair

  • alexa foxygirl
    alexa foxygirl

    Stop Stop we Freaken both died are hair red I dyed my hair red before I Evan watching this

  • IIIZThunder

    River dale

  • Tara Odell
    Tara Odell


  • Jillian Unidad
    Jillian Unidad

    Hi! im your biggest fan i love you im half niki and gabs

  • Txc thots
    Txc thots

    Niki:"if you know, you know " Me: I totally knoe

  • Shauna Jones
    Shauna Jones

    Bo shade or hate but is it just me or did the red wig look like a mop

  • Chris Leighton
    Chris Leighton

    🤣 hahaha



  • Laura Sharpless
    Laura Sharpless

    RIVERDALE!!!!!! lol

  • BlondieBrunette14

    If you guys wanna know more about gabis past scandals READ THIS THREAD ON TWITTER

  • Ashlin Givens
    Ashlin Givens


  • Dark Angel
    Dark Angel

    Anybody else wanted to see them in the costumes they bought for each other?

  • Amy Berggren
    Amy Berggren

    In the fairy costume gaby looked like Cat valantine

  • ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    sis, greek goddesses aren’t a myth, some people believe in them

  • Jaylee Laverne
    Jaylee Laverne

    Oh my godbi watch riverdale aslo the killing😬😳😜

  • chicken dinner
    chicken dinner

    is gabi pregnant

  • Rachel Aleri
    Rachel Aleri


  • Nadia Caballero
    Nadia Caballero


  • Vogel Oliver
    Vogel Oliver

    They are literally struggling to give each other high scores LMFAO 😂😂😂😂

  • Lisse Vlogs
    Lisse Vlogs

    You guys should do a dressing like I did in high school video

  • Sama Haydary
    Sama Haydary

    Hallo Hihihihihihihihihihihihhih

  • Gen H
    Gen H

    Is it just me or does Niki always say that choosing outfits for Gabi is like being a mom shopping for her kids😂

  • Unknown

    4:02 lol what does she mean? Someone explain pls

  • Ellis DeVille
    Ellis DeVille

    i like boys

  • janine v.
    janine v.

    Ok here is my idea... Timed style challenge: You have like 5-10 minutes per outfit and you have to pick 3 outfits made of each like current clothing style (ex. Cottage core, dark academia etc.) and have like 4 outfits total and take pictures, upload them and see which outfit your followers like more on you

  • hanouf alsaif
    hanouf alsaif

    What with the pirate joke ? Can someone explain

  • Talor Sheffield
    Talor Sheffield


  • Gianna

    I don’t know, what’s the thing with Collin and Gabi?

  • Charlee Hewlett
    Charlee Hewlett

    Niki: I’m not like other girls 60% of girls: dress just like niki.

  • Gerbil Adventures
    Gerbil Adventures

    WHAT IS IT with gabby and pirates

  • Everything Legendary
    Everything Legendary

    Gabi and Collin love role play😏

  • Everything Legendary
    Everything Legendary

    Wait what does gabi and Collin have a thing for😏😩🤣😭

  • Eliane Gomez
    Eliane Gomez

    Name music 10:45?

  • Judit B.
    Judit B.

    Niki with red hair is everything. Best hair color I’ve seen on her.

  • Addis Cake
    Addis Cake

    The scary my siter was that same one OMG


    I love how Niki is all about the aesthetic and Gabi is all about the hair😂