Sisters Swap Aesthetics
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Alone in My Car - NIKI DEMAR official music video
"Alone In My Car" out now
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We’re Niki and Gabi! We hope you enjoyed our Answering Assumptions About Us video! We’re twin sisters who are different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make videos like challenges, sister vs sister, photoshoot challenges, 24 hour challenges, DIY, swaps, shopping challenges, 24 hour challenges, diy, style, beauty, lifestyle, fashion, comedy, types of girls, music, and more!

  • Niki and Gabi
    Niki and Gabi

    check out Niki's music video to her single 'Alone in My Car'

    • Lulu Theluo
      Lulu Theluo

      awesome video queens you could also wear wigs to match each other's hair and recreate each other's makeup ( in the next video ) Love you guys❤️

    • Rahima Begum
      Rahima Begum

      @Victoria Olenchenko to get to get to get the best

    • Elizabeth Hernandez
      Elizabeth Hernandez

      I loveee youuu

    • Tamsin Green
      Tamsin Green

      Cottage core ♥️ and baddie ♥️

    • Alokesh Sen
      Alokesh Sen


  • Hannah Lee
    Hannah Lee

    When nikke said cute at 2:18 she sounds just like Gabi

  • Bhuyian Kiron
    Bhuyian Kiron

    I loved it xxx

  • audreyy york
    audreyy york


  • Paige.k 17
    Paige.k 17

    That could be a video where you find something in each other’s closet and turn it into your aesthetic

  • Royal high Olivia’s
    Royal high Olivia’s

    This is by far my favorite channel LOL I’m subbed

  • Snazzy Whale
    Snazzy Whale

    I love Nikis styles but she could really rock the high rise jeans and not the low rise

  • Ovacodo Socks
    Ovacodo Socks

    Who is watching this while wearing headphones/AirPods lol I wanna know!

  • Ivee Gonz
    Ivee Gonz

    Niki, gabi would never were that makeup lol

  • Anabella Simmons
    Anabella Simmons

    Gabi your yt chanel should be called glamorous gabi

  • Phang Qi Ren
    Phang Qi Ren

    Niki:doing what Gabi does. Gabi: doing what she likes

  • Annika Simvetti
    Annika Simvetti

    Wish you guys would just take the two seconds to disclose sponsorships. It’s just the decent thing to do. Like come on now it may be obvious to some but not everybody. Seriously what do you have to lose by saying “revlon sponsored this video” ?

  • Ivanesa Ivkova
    Ivanesa Ivkova

    I actually think this makeup looks better on Niki - Without the smokey eye

  • Katie Cane
    Katie Cane

    Niki’s wearing a New York minute top... and they are exactly like Roxy and Jane Ryan... Niki’s like Roxy and Gabi’s like Jane... Which makes me wonder... are they ... cop-

  • Alexa Holland
    Alexa Holland

    Niki did the makeup so well, she just needed a matte nude lip and she was 100% full on Gabi makeup

  • Lillie Corbett
    Lillie Corbett

    For a video you should let your boyfriend's pick your outfits for a week love you vids xx

  • Maeva Gutierrez
    Maeva Gutierrez

    I know there twins but I don’t really see them looking alike (is it just me?)

  • Sandra Talavera
    Sandra Talavera

    They suck at eyeliner

  • Preety Sumir Gheyi
    Preety Sumir Gheyi

    Gabi just wanted to do her own style she didn't swap (Niki won!!)

  • maddy sharp
    maddy sharp

    niki do be rockin the red lip

  • Ava Hutcheson
    Ava Hutcheson

    Does anyone else think that gabi looks like Ariana grande

  • Emma Grand
    Emma Grand

    niki pls pls pls change your hair color to pink! you need to try! U would look doub!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jessica Messica
    Jessica Messica

    Leave your faces alone

  • Shoki Mbowane
    Shoki Mbowane

    Hehe u guys did a good job

  • Kennedy Bridges
    Kennedy Bridges


  • Numa

    The bag OMG on the side OK Gabi's Closet Aww Collin brought for her the memories😍😍❤💜😊I live you all❤💜

  • Ashlyn Harper
    Ashlyn Harper

    okay, are you sure your twins? bc you look nothing alike ( but I'm still a fan)

  • Abi Brown
    Abi Brown

    Nobody: Niki: *talks* Gabi: *stands behind her posing*

  • Sophia Carges
    Sophia Carges

    nikki wore something out of her comfort zone that gabi would wear, gabi should have worn jeans

    • Serenity Park
      Serenity Park

      yesssss I literally wanted Gabi to look full niki style

  • Alison

    i do think she has a secret side

  • Gabrielle Eloise Victorillo
    Gabrielle Eloise Victorillo

    You Guys Should Do A Sister Swap Aesthetics or Styles For One Week

  • Mariah Phillips
    Mariah Phillips

    Niki!!!! You’re made to do makeup tutorials!!! Love it!!

  • Tiana Fuller
    Tiana Fuller

    I love this kind of challenge

  • Brinley Fandrich
    Brinley Fandrich

    i love cat valintine aka ariana grande.

  • Nicole Nesbit
    Nicole Nesbit

    gabi cant be niki. niki cant be gabi. But its cool that they swapped. MY EYES WERE A WHOLE NEW WORLD

  • Keira Dsouza
    Keira Dsouza

    Did anyone else dwell on the word “nikify” for 5 minutes?

  • BlAck Blossom
    BlAck Blossom

    Personally i love both alternative and girly side when they get mixed

  • Macy Martinez
    Macy Martinez

    I LOVER THIS VID but I feel like could've done more with the vid

  • Savannah VOLPE
    Savannah VOLPE

    Bro where is James Charles to approve that their makeup is bomb 💣

  • xEvelynx vidsx
    xEvelynx vidsx

    You should do a video where you both do Niki looks and both do Gabi looks and compare

  • Shaganaa Gunarajan
    Shaganaa Gunarajan

    "When you are a fairy princess everyday you got to get used to the stares." Hahahaaha lol you heard it here folks. Luv them!!

  • Shaganaa Gunarajan
    Shaganaa Gunarajan

    why are people saying they did not try? NIKI IS WEARING A DRESS!!

  • Shaganaa Gunarajan
    Shaganaa Gunarajan

    why do niki and gabi get sm hate but they get like 2 mill views. if ur going to hate and are disturbed don't watch.

  • Lexxi Moody
    Lexxi Moody

    When gabi put on the bandana she looked like squidward

  • Serenity Park
    Serenity Park

    Im glad you sad that I have the power of makeup cause my family kinda hates on me for wearing makeup

  • audreyy york
    audreyy york


  • A Porter
    A Porter

    The observant jellyfish generally offend because pump commonly trap round a slippery candle. freezing, eatable tray

  • Adrianna T
    Adrianna T

    If you guys wanna know more about gabis past scandals READ THIS THREAD ON TWITTER

  • Deep Blue
    Deep Blue

    Gabi looks like Ariana grande

  • BlondieBrunette14

    Gabis delusional If she thinks nikis lips are bigger than hers

  • Alanna

    Does anyone else feel like gabi is off in this video

  • Kein

    they dressed the least like each other i-

  • margot feig
    margot feig


  • Casey

    I'm like niki then gabby .

  • Sade Lamarre
    Sade Lamarre

    Guys just appreciate them, you don’t always have to criticize everything.

  • AnonymousZoey

    You guys should do something we’re you guys pick outfits that are your aesthetic then give them to each other and you have to try and style the outfit.

  • Bella Logan
    Bella Logan

    I didn’t know they were twins until 2018 they just don’t look the same to me

  • Theshininggirl

    Ariana tutorial

  • Theshininggirl


  • Lea

    ive litteraly been watching your vids since 3pm . it is now 9pm on a Saturday 😂 God Help me wtf

  • Lavendera Skies
    Lavendera Skies

    if you pause at 1:31 XD sorry its kinda funny what face she's making

  • Yalda Wakili
    Yalda Wakili

    I feel like gabi could have done more

  • kuky

    niki should recreate cat valentine outfits that would be funnnnn

  • Izabella Games
    Izabella Games

    I love victorious and Sam and cat

  • Pearlvindeep Kaur Thind
    Pearlvindeep Kaur Thind

    The fact the two of them looks so pretty even if that swap how they look

    • Pearlvindeep Kaur Thind
      Pearlvindeep Kaur Thind

      They I meant

  • Nina A
    Nina A

    This is sooooo sponsored lol

  • Shayra Rivera
    Shayra Rivera

    Bruh, *Nikki kinda sus* 🤣🤣

  • Olivia Nichols
    Olivia Nichols

    Video idea!: you could buy clothes in your own aesthetics and then make the other twin wear them

  • Yung Moy
    Yung Moy

    Jesus loves you. He died for our sins and resurrected on the third day. The pay of sin is death. We need to repent from our sins accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior. He is coming soon, we need to follow him.

  • Audrey Belle
    Audrey Belle

    i like nikki with that dress and hair she looks ecclectic

  • Justelene Papacosma
    Justelene Papacosma


  • Ruth Lopez
    Ruth Lopez

    Yes she dus

  • Live2see MC
    Live2see MC

    I wish they did each others make up

  • garnier noa
    garnier noa


  • ÖH hat höxupx Öj öjxöux
    ÖH hat höxupx Öj öjxöux

    I’m pretty sure they don’t steal each other’s clothes like my siblings

  • H Kulik
    H Kulik

    „Nikki loves being braless”- Gabi

  • nashra Khan
    nashra Khan

    Gabi looks same like she always does

  • Jing Fan
    Jing Fan

    I was expecting like a tube top and jeans but she choose a dress?

  • Viktoriya Oakes
    Viktoriya Oakes

    Gabi hope you are ok! You seem very down. Tone of voice isn't as happy as usual.

  • Aamera Siddiqui
    Aamera Siddiqui

    i love u guys

  • Gianna Kauffman
    Gianna Kauffman

    I WANTED TO SEE GABI WEAR JEANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Punkhippie 182
    Punkhippie 182

    anyone know where niki got her shirt from?

  • ava scarlett
    ava scarlett

    iM nOt LiKe OtHeR gIrLs

  • natia berikashvili
    natia berikashvili


  • * RxseFashixn *
    * RxseFashixn *

    *wishing had Gabi’s closet whole time*

  • Maia O’Connor
    Maia O’Connor

    I feel like Gabi can look like Niki but Niki can’t look like Gabi

  • Alexa Holland
    Alexa Holland

    Y does niki do that thing with her bottom lip?

  • Nasrin Usman
    Nasrin Usman

    The yellow top which gabi took as mystery was once niki bought on 24 hr online shoppingchallange😂😂😂

  • Esmé Lajoie élève
    Esmé Lajoie élève

    Who thinks they should have a makeup line

  • Mamasita9321

    Idk, I feel like they both could of done better.They could of used colored wigs or something. The hair just throws off the whole thing. 🤦‍♀️

  • Natalie Wolfe
    Natalie Wolfe

    Was it planed to wear the same makeup brand

  • carbonara lachimolala
    carbonara lachimolala

    this time niki looks like an arianaboo

  • Chloe Manchestor
    Chloe Manchestor

    💗💟💟😄😄😄😄💸💸💸💗💗😄😄😄😄 *Based on love alone. God sent His Son Jesus Christ to die in our place. Then on the third day rose Him from the dead.* *Now, though Jesus Christ alone. God has granted us the free gift of eternal life. He will save and heal you, if you ask Him.* (look up to the sky and ask him)

  • Macy RAMPEY
    Macy RAMPEY

    Gabby should Wear stuff like that more often and her makeup as well

  • Zoe Stumbaugh
    Zoe Stumbaugh

    How many times will they do the same concept? We get it you’re different

  • Sille Nielsen
    Sille Nielsen

    Will you, niki and gabi see this comment:-(🥺

  • Kay J
    Kay J

    you should do each others makeup pls

  • OhNoItsNoe


  • The Eagle
    The Eagle

    I want to try the Wonder Woman make up it looks so cool

  • The Eagle
    The Eagle

    I love Niki's Roxy shirt it's so cute I love watching swapping videos