The Real Reason We Don’t Get Along - Niki and Gabi
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Here is everything we’ve always wanted to share with you guys, and now we are. Here’s a real look at our relationship and why it’s gotten to the point it has.
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We’re Niki and Gabi! We hope you enjoyed our honest video. We’re twin sisters who are different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make videos like challenges, fashion trends, spring 2020, stuck at home, at home videos, celebrities, tricking our followers, DIY outfits, making outfits, sister vs sister, photoshoot challenges, 24 hour challenges, DIY, swaps, shopping challenges, 24 hour challenges, diy, style, beauty, lifestyle, fashion, comedy, types of girls, music, and more!

  • Isabella Hidalgo
    Isabella Hidalgo

    The fact that gabi hanged out with people that didin't like niki is messed up

  • Holly A
    Holly A

    I'm just seeing this video now, but let's not shit-talk about Gabi in the comments, she can clearly see everything you saying about her and yes gabi might have been a little selfish in this video, but this video was recorded in January and she changed now.

  • ItsJanelle

    i feel like it was a little selfish that gabi refused to fly out to LA to film. It’s like niki was the only one sacrificing which eventually made her crack

    • ItsJanelle

      also notice how gabi never took the blame for anything..even if it was small

  • Elysiqn

    Why is NIKKI smiling like.... 🤔

  • Amal Noor
    Amal Noor

    Idc bro gabi is a weirdo

  • K Lima
    K Lima

    Wow they changed

  • Tal Ollivier
    Tal Ollivier

    Gabbie is an incredible friend! Anyone would be happy to know her 😍

  • Taghi Rajabzadeh
    Taghi Rajabzadeh

    Ur both so strong and I know this isn't as simple to do as it sounds but ur both amazing so at least try and look at the positives and try and believe u are a good person because u rlly are :D I'm a girl on my dads account:) ly

  • Yashvii Makwana
    Yashvii Makwana

    Gabi looks very weird in this

  • Claire Sosnov
    Claire Sosnov

    I hated niki in the vid

  • Rishaa108

    i would be fed up too if i was niki. imagine your own twin being friends with people who actively dislike you. that's staright betrayal

  • Brina Black
    Brina Black

    I don't even need to watch the video, I already know from some other videos who the problem is with you two. Gabi. Fame simply rose to her head and simply took off. Gabi's princess life as you can see in the videos doesn't match Niki's! I'm 29 and I've always been fascinated by the connection between twins, but you two have nothing that comes close. You are siblings, but not like twins. Niki is the one who says "we are twins" several times in the videos, you can see who feels it more. Having a twin is a miracle and one should appreciate that and not risk the connection for a little fame and money.

  • Unknown J
    Unknown J

    Who becomes friends with the girls that didn’t like your twin sister?

  • SaraJoy

    It makes me laugh Gabi- "I'm so confident in myself, i know who I am, I am such a confident person and she is jealous of me for that" as Gabi undergoes multiple surgeries to change her face so she feels good about herself?? She's not fooling anyone

  • Bhumika Tushir
    Bhumika Tushir

    19:40 when Niki started crying I also started crying 😢 it was so sad love you Niki and Gabi I am your die hard ❤️❤️

  • ella r
    ella r

    Y’all used to hate in niki and to make niki feel better y’all have to put gabi down. Bring them both up celebrate there differences. You guys aren’t in their positions

  • Marina M.
    Marina M.

    Gabi is so rude mean and immature. She wants Niki to put her first before her and her growth and happiness. Gabi wants everything and everyone to revolve around her. She wants to prevent Niki from growing. Gabi wants everything on a silver platter. Gabi is so evil. She wants Niki to do everything that she asks her to do and ditch her own wishes for her Niki admits she's not perfect unlike Gabi that sees herself as this perfect person. Gabi sweetheart own up your mistakes stop trying to make your sister feel bad

  • Laramy Holman
    Laramy Holman

    I feel like its time to move on from the shared channel and just focus on their own lives now. They are older now and each have their own lives. It would probably really help their relationship too. I mean how long can they keep up this channel? They will eventually get married, have kids, and have their own families. It seems unrealistic and unhealthy for them to continue together.

  • Aqsa Rahim
    Aqsa Rahim


  • Kei Alv
    Kei Alv

    Yeah... Gabi is just so tone deaf, she does not get it at allll. "Im sorry this still bothers."

  • Incredible Editzz
    Incredible Editzz

    Okay what the hell half these comments are hate against Gabi do not make this situation WORSE because you just want drama they are both pretty and successful woman so shut the fuck up!

  • Angelica Vasquez
    Angelica Vasquez

    She said Nikki’s mad that ppl compare her success to her sister and then compares it to her being compared to Ariana 😂😂 I’m dead 💀💀💀

  • misaki

    People are being mad at Nikki when they don’t know all of the details. Both are sad, both did something to make each other angry. Nikki was kinda doing putty or victim act in my opinion. She was saying Gabi is always better and stuff and it hurts but Gabi is being attacked for Nikki being in the shadow and people say it’s gay is fault Nikki is in the shadows (at least that’s what it seems like) But, they are both in the wrong. Gabi has also received so much hate compared to Nikki because “She’s trying to be Ariana” when the high ponytails and sad was appart of her. But, Nikki is really fragile and Gabi isn’t understanding enough since she kind has an ego. But, Please don’t hate. It’s my POV and I understand and respect your own opinion.

  • Jade Jackson TV
    Jade Jackson TV

    Although shes not a real thearpist Gabbie did a pretty good job tbf

  • Aliya Anne
    Aliya Anne

    Okay Gabi expects niki to be there for her collinascapy but gabi was never there for niki all the other times niki needed her in fact gabi was the one be friending her enemies so why does gabi expect niki to do so much for her now when gabi always puts herself first and now that niki is finally putting herself before gabi , gabi thinks it’s rude to not be there her??? Like pretty selfish of gabi

  • aspiringauthor Erin Rail
    aspiringauthor Erin Rail

    Not hate, but this is what happens when family works together, you take that risk. Plus, you guys are putting yourselves in front of the camera, that is also risky. Side Note: your friend is a really good listener. She needs to low-key be a therapist. My best friend is like that, she will listen and help me, whenever and ironically, she's going to graduate school for counseling.

  • Nafisa Ali
    Nafisa Ali

    The “mean” one is usually the one who is going thru the most. I relate to Niki a lot. Gab doesn’t get it at the moment.

    • Makenzie J
      Makenzie J

      This is old lmao they’re closer than ever now

  • KEVA

    Man, I relate to niki so much. She is a beautiful person. ❤

  • Yolisha Moodley
    Yolisha Moodley

    Guys. If you'll don't have anything good to say. Don't. Say . Anything. At . All. Please . The world needs more positivity and you can't put that out there keep it to yourself and stop trolling the damn comments and passing more negativity when they actually trying to sort their shit out . And hate off to them for them. Sharing their feelings and views behind what goes on behind a video and channel and nevertheless they here doing their best and if you can't appreciate just don't watch at all . Like they've said in the beginning " this is not one of the videos where you'll attack us and if you here to do that please exist " and here you'll go flooding the comments with hate and negative energy that they putting off and working against . All the best to you Gabs and Nix love you'll gals muchly . I just started watching your videos and subscribed to your channel recently I'm certain any other good human and more especially a fan would stand by me with this . I know Gabs and Nix isn't going to see this or even care about it but someone's got to tell em trolls off right .

  • Kim Slayton
    Kim Slayton

    in the dollar store hungover shopping gabi literally called niki an evil spirit

  • Kim Slayton
    Kim Slayton

    the fact that niki was apologizing at the beginning for being toxic when gabi is the toxic one here....i love them both but now im starting to dislike gabi by the way she treated niki

  • The Real Sunrae
    The Real Sunrae

    Kinda unfair for gabi :( Because she’s painted like she’s the toxic one

  • Andria Medley
    Andria Medley


    • Makenzie J
      Makenzie J

      This was months ago chile

  • Courtney Gapinski
    Courtney Gapinski

    I feel so bad for Nikki because she prob will never get the apology from gabi that she deserves

  • Gaynor Dunmall
    Gaynor Dunmall

    im a huge fan on both but gabs the problem like don't move in w people your sister don't like thats not fair and the words gabby used like are the serious omg]

  • Meg R
    Meg R

    “If people go in the comments and say niki is so this” *all comments are about gabi*

  • Macey Richards
    Macey Richards

    Why is nobody talking about how good and unproblematic gabbie was for them...period queen she chose ✨helpfulness✨

  • S Z
    S Z

    Pause, so Gaby was in college and her parents and sister both encouraged her to drop out even though she was happy there. And they would call the cops to get her off campus so she couldn't even visit her friends?

  • Isis Collins Singing and Beauty
    Isis Collins Singing and Beauty

    Gabi’s jumper is so cute

  • Lisa Gee
    Lisa Gee

    Is it me or they don’t look like twins?...

    • Makenzie J
      Makenzie J

      Gabi got surgery but you can still tell they’re related

  • Russ Up
    Russ Up

    watching this again in 2021 and i'm realizing how insensitive and toxic gabi is. they both have their issues but gabi is truly blind and selfish

  • bailey !
    bailey !

    if I’m being honest, gabi is in the wrong here.. niki is so broken.

    • Makenzie J
      Makenzie J

      There’s not right or wrong

  • Lexi Rivas
    Lexi Rivas

    Idk but I’m on Gabi’s side

    • Thank u, next
      Thank u, next

      i'm on both but mostly niki's

  • girl //
    girl //

    gabi is soooo toxic, she's just like an energy vampire sucking out off niki's soul because niki is empathetic. they both are really good and love each other a lot but gabi has a victim mentality which destroys everything. but i love both of them soo much.

  • Lari sa
    Lari sa

    watch "Niki and Gabi take Bahamas EP 7" pls. everyone in the comment section is taking nikkis side literally. Watch that episode and see how selfish Nikki is whenever she gets the mf chance. Like I know they said in the vid that they don't want ppl taking sides but I'm tired of seeing these rude ass comments towards Gabi for her just having a social life tf. The sec Nikki knew Rachel and Jess had her back she immediately laughed Gabis true feelings right off. It's sickening and then she victimizes herself like this. She's always making everything look like Gabi is the villain. pls Nikki grow up. like ur trust issues n shit is ur own problem to solve. Not gabis and don't use ur personal issues as an excuse to be a total prick to ur sister when she's actually trying to have a mature convo.

    • Lari sa
      Lari sa

      @Antara Chowdhry Those were two COMPLETELY different types of convos. The episode in Bahamas, Gabi was talking ab real shit, destructive relationships, friends over family and overall a fucked up sisterhood. The episode in Miami was literally ab pranks and Nikkis pale skin insecurity or whatever. Those are two different things. And plus Gabi said sorry to Nikki for the prank even though Nikki didn't say it back after being the cause of Gabis major asthma attack, Gabi said sorry. And yeah she laughed it off because it involved literal PRANKS. It wasn't anything serious at all and was being taken too seriously by both sisters. Gabi is in Bahamas trying to get to Nikki and get her to see reality and how she's handeling this competitive sister shit. Cause every time Gabi does literally ANYTHING Nikki has to bring up her insecurities and her issues like we all have issues but those are not an excuse to blame everything on your sister. Solve ur own problems and take a break from everyone instead of partaking in these kinds of series and videos. She obviously has a lot of problems with her own self and instead of trying to turn everything on Gabi she needs to sort those things out

    • Antara Chowdhry
      Antara Chowdhry

      @Lari sa Ok mayb but now watch "Niki and Gabi take Miami EP 7"

  • Stella Sykes
    Stella Sykes

    Wow lmao niki is deleting the bad comments about her to make it look like she’s the victim and i op-

    • Stella Sykes
      Stella Sykes

      Makenzie J correct

    • Thank u, next
      Thank u, next

      @Makenzie J i am confusion AMERICA EGGSPLAIN

    • Makenzie J
      Makenzie J


    • Stella Sykes
      Stella Sykes

      Thank,u next because all the bad comments about here that i was getting notifications from r gone but all the bad ones about Gabi are still here , tragic

    • Thank u, next
      Thank u, next

      how do you know that??

  • Wild Nature
    Wild Nature

    Ok can I hire her to be my counselor

  • iluvcupcakes

    Gabbie Hanna did suchhhh a good job at mediating

  • Elsa M
    Elsa M

    Gabi is an asshole, how dear she say that niki is jealous of her? And say that she gets mad at her just because gabi is happy? Gurl im pretty sure niki wants the best for u, she just wants u to be there for her Which really shows in THIS video that u arent. Like u got mad at her just because She Said that She feels like Shes been behind ur shadow for years! And that She feels like Shes nothing Without her twin sister. BEEEE THERE FOR HERRRR!!! U should be ashamed that u can ever say that to ur own blood let alone ur twin sister!

  • Ashley Grande
    Ashley Grande

    I can relate to this my twin chose my friends against me. It happens but we are both good now

  • Courtney C.
    Courtney C.

    I understand that Gabi can feel away but being me to your sibling is a step across the line because you never know when your going to those people you love please be nicer to nikki gabi you dont know what she is going through

  • alysa nelson
    alysa nelson

    I love you guys EQUALLY and none of u should change

  • Rhiannon Fäst-Díaz
    Rhiannon Fäst-Díaz

    Astrologically I feel like twins born under Taurus have a hard time because Taurus' are the most fixed sign, neither them want to budge.

  • nathan

    gabbie hanna is a problematic person but props to her for asking good questions and respecting the sisters' spaces

  • proserpine333

    Gabi seems like a horrible sister and Gabbie living her therapist fantasy is hilarious she’s missing the mark

    • Makenzie J
      Makenzie J

      They’re closer than ever now

  • waffles soup
    waffles soup


    • waffles soup
      waffles soup

      @Makenzie J yo chill im not like part of the fandom or anything it just annoys me allot when peoples emotions get ignored as its a rly painful thing to see but im sorry if i offended anyone

    • Makenzie J
      Makenzie J

      This was months ago😐they’re closer than ever’re the one who needs to WAKE UP

  • Bmx Boy
    Bmx Boy

    Also that group of “ex friends” Nicki had the ones Gabi moved in with.. funny NONE of them are friends anymore either....MMMMM

  • Bmx Boy
    Bmx Boy

    Watching this video for a second time... I see things differently.... I feel bad for Nicki... Gabi is very insensitive....... I guess I was more relatable with Gabi at that time.... now I feel her pain...

  • Abbey Lemke
    Abbey Lemke

    Why of all people is gabbie hanna the mediator of this😂😂

  • Ashley Houston
    Ashley Houston

    I never like hate or being hateful but if nikki and nate breakup because of gabi i will be mad

  • Aliza

    Y'all are hypocrites😂....doing just what they didn't want you to do

  • Kayla Salgado
    Kayla Salgado

    Nikki is completely reasonable for feeling the way she does. Gabby is a stuck up selfish bitch. Like who moves in with people that doesn’t like your TWIN.

    • emily

      But you should watch 44:40

  • DuckyDucky QuackQuack
    DuckyDucky QuackQuack

    Okay I’m late but I’ve watched the video. In past videos and current ones they say not to take sides and that’s what almost everyone is saying in the comments. Clam down and understand that what you say makes a difference that choice is that you need to make sure you don’t take sides. Their relationship currently is so much better! So if your around the %5 who sees this make sure you try not to do this more. Anyways thanks bye!

  • dilochiee

    i feel like i understand both. gabi feels like niki is putting all the blame on her just because she is free and lives her life the best while niki would spend her time editing and being her “manager” and jealous. the thing is they both need to put this channel”s work EQUALLY and that means gabi has to also preoccupy with this channel and let niki live her life as much as she does. gabi is feeling like niki is victimising herself when she just wants freedom. like how can you not expect ur twin be mad at you when ur hanging out with the mean ex friend ur twin had? that’s fucked up. gabi should stop only caring for ONLY stuff that she is included in and start caring for her sisters freedom. i feel sorry for niki i always that shes just jealous out of just jealousy.

  • Alahna Whitner
    Alahna Whitner

    I would not hang with people that don't like my sister like I'm sorry but not sorry if you are going to hang with me you are not going to be hating on my sister who I call a best friend.

  • lilje 10hi
    lilje 10hi

    44:36 The whole comment section hating on Gab when she didnt do anything wrong she couldnt shot expression with her mouth bc she just got new lips listen up people.

  • Lakes

    I feel like niki does everything I feel like gabi should do some of it

  • Jessica Messica
    Jessica Messica

    Not Gabby Hannah being a mediator 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Kay Didz
    Kay Didz

    gabi is literally not understanding it. nikki has so much hurt and gabi just doesn’t care. she’s so toxic it’s not okay

  • theghosttintheattic

    Just have to say Gabbie Hanna did so well talking to them. She could literally be a therapist, even though she cares for both of them she never picked sides

  • Noor

    Niki isn’t the problem its gabi Gabi being a bitch hanging out with friends that hated niki saying that niki is jealous. Niki loved gabi looked up to her but then Gabi calling her evil and shit like that

  • Aliza Shah
    Aliza Shah

    ...just get along!

  • Brittany Taylor
    Brittany Taylor

    “I’m gonna miss my hair appointment” girl you don’t even caare! That’s so sad.. Gabi you were so blank the whole time

  • Safouane Boudida
    Safouane Boudida


  • Ernisa Mrasori
    Ernisa Mrasori

    I feel so bad for both of them I hope you guys grow ❤❤❤ you

  • Cecelia Black
    Cecelia Black

    Not being affectionate with your siblings doesn't help working through struggles and fights and being brutally honest with each other is the only way to communicate. Well for me. Im not close and affectionate with any of my siblings and I have 5 but I wasnt raised with them so I dont have a close bond but I love them and I let them tell me they hate me we talk it out and still support each other. Heck I've got 1 who's been mad at me for over a year now and literally over money and "mom loves you more" but they won't communicate with me and that's their choice and I just have to be patient until they're ready

  • Amelia Mckibbin
    Amelia Mckibbin

    Imagine Nate having to film this like Gabri is literally talking about his girlfriend and he has to film it without saying anything lmao

    • Allie Gaming
      Allie Gaming

      Ik im late but this is so true he probably wanted to say something

  • Christina Martin
    Christina Martin

    Stop hating on these two they’re so cool omg

  • Christina Martin
    Christina Martin

    Omg I love you two

  • Christina Martin
    Christina Martin

    Are you two identical you too look so different I love Gabby’s style but I also love Nikki’s 💖💜💚💙

    • HK - 09ZZ 704796 Brampton Centennial SS
      HK - 09ZZ 704796 Brampton Centennial SS

      They're Identical but both got different cosmetic surgeries

  • Christina Martin
    Christina Martin

    I love you both I understand you both I fight with my sister two!!!!!!!!!😢😢😢

  • Ms. Marki
    Ms. Marki

    gabi : "my selfishness and need to feel like #1doesn't hurt her, her inner self hurts her"

  • Ms. Marki
    Ms. Marki

    gabi drives me nuts. niki you are sooooooooo much better than me. I would've went crazy on her a long time ago sister or not.

  • Angel Rose
    Angel Rose

    Gabbie: do you say stuff like her? “Yeah and she knows it” 2 seconds later “I would never tell her that”

  • Kaleigh Ramos
    Kaleigh Ramos

    Gab is incredibly self centered

  • Angle Burrows
    Angle Burrows

    I get it they both like being the boss

  • Royale Stacy
    Royale Stacy

    “Gabi put herself first” Channel name: *Niki* and gabi

  • Royale Stacy
    Royale Stacy

    Niki could’ve asked gabi to just do some things too instead of being a fucking mom to gain sympathy

  • Jessica Przyborski
    Jessica Przyborski

    Man I wish someone could do this for me and my twin... we are all eachother has in our blood family and we really don't get along at all it's really sad.

  • kenn

    gabbie needs to be my therapist..

    • kenn

      actually yeah, my mom

  • Ellie Taylor
    Ellie Taylor

    its only like a relationship with a bf unless he becomes a cheater or/and abusive

  • Sarah Jane Meikle
    Sarah Jane Meikle

    I'm so glad you sorted things out together

  • coco b
    coco b

    Can we just talk about how well Gabbie moderated this????? Respect

  • Abhay kumar
    Abhay kumar

    46 mins

  • banashri das
    banashri das

    I saw my comment from 6 months ago and i was trying to be understanding and not take sides but wtaf rewatching this its apparent gabi is a shit person wtf wtf wtf


    10:59 and 11:13 she is literally contradicting herself. My god this girl is self-obsessed 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • emu C
    emu C

    i would never move in with my sisters old friends 💅

  • leticia ramos
    leticia ramos

    they look so different i watched them back then but gabi looks like a strangers shes so different and nikki has changed her content so much in my op so much drama almost like i just dont like them anymore... idk it feels wrong different

  • Phindi Dlamini
    Phindi Dlamini

    I really hear and comprehend what Niki is saying

  • Phindi Dlamini
    Phindi Dlamini

    Can you please bring up the truth about

395 tis.