We Need to Talk | Niki and Gabi
We've felt this way for quite some time now.. so let's have a talk.
Alone in My Car - NIKI DEMAR official music video
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If you see this, comment "no twin is better than the other"
only those who watch up to that point will know what this means ;)
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We’re Niki and Gabi! We hope you enjoyed our chat. We’re twin sisters who are different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make videos like challenges, sister vs sister, photoshoot challenges, 24 hour challenges, DIY, swaps, shopping challenges, 24 hour challenges, diy, style, beauty, lifestyle, fashion, comedy, types of girls, music, and more!

  • Ami Sou
    Ami Sou

    I love you guys❤❤❤, this was soooo said to watch 😭😭😭

  • sheri smith
    sheri smith

    Gabi almost started crying ily gabi🥺

  • Faith Love Peace
    Faith Love Peace

    Gabi is a beautiful soul. I love how Gabi has her own style. Niki is great with her music, she always put out music that is such a vibe. Together Niki and Gabi are both beautiful in their own ways.

  • Alison Paige
    Alison Paige

    they are so gorgeous

  • Dellaros Demansha
    Dellaros Demansha

    The way Niki defend Gabi is amazing. Now we realize how big Niki's heart is. And how strong Niki is. Love you Niki 💙

  • My life as Eryn
    My life as Eryn

    If my future daughter looks like Niki and Gabi I will be so happy

  • Piper Smith
    Piper Smith

    i soport

  • John Easter
    John Easter

    Gabi omg I love you and you are beautiful

  • Nysilla Harris
    Nysilla Harris

    sorry love you guys so much

  • ambry matias
    ambry matias

    normalize plastic surgery, doesn’t mean gabi gets plastic surgery, doesn’t mean that you guys can hate. at least she was honest about it unlike other influencers i

  • Savanah Desrocher
    Savanah Desrocher

    Gabi is making me cry......😭😭 They are both beautiful girls. Love them so much........

  • mochi fics
    mochi fics

    The fact that gabi openly addressed us and even made a video about her getting things done on her face makes her even more beautiful, and niki deserves the hate that she doesn't even deserve, same goes for gabi:((

  • Kyra Brouillard
    Kyra Brouillard

    Gabi is so beautiful and she shouldn’t be going through this and she shouldn’t be even crying but people bring her down and don’t like her keep it to yourself don’t say anything that’s for you to know not the internet!

  • Makenzie Nichols
    Makenzie Nichols

    Don’t let other people get you down because I am a person that LOVES you guys

  • Jaimee Weston
    Jaimee Weston

    Ok yeah listen up, ik you lot are talking abt how they didn’t say anything about when Niki was getting bashed but still remember they just got their relationship back on track so they ain’t gonna address it because it didn’t bother both of them before.

  • Liah Williams
    Liah Williams

    I have been watching you guys foreverrr!!! I think...I know that both of you are amazing gorgeous people! You guys have both grown so do what you want and I have a twin so I go through somewhat I understand and to gabi your amazing and beautiful same to you Nikki. ❤️🙂 (YALL ALWAYS LOOK GOOD) but lookin good doesn’t matter it’s the hard work and passion yall clearly have! AND NIKKI GO OFF GIRL YOUR SONG IS AMAZING btw #Mental-health-Matters

  • Mag Dunner
    Mag Dunner

    You are amazing people and you tubers

  • Mag Dunner
    Mag Dunner

    Gabi you are beautiful and so is Niki

  • Olivia Baker
    Olivia Baker

    You’re both gorgeous.

  • tee henderson
    tee henderson

    ppl r just bored they haven't got anything nice to comment on! Why can't they keep it in their heads like it is not that hard!!

  • Maeve Beaton
    Maeve Beaton

    Dont be a bully about people like ur probably just jealous and if that's what u do then u should get a life and stop putting people down niki and gabi are both beautiful so stop hating

  • Chloe Cowsill
    Chloe Cowsill


  • Jaxon McCormick
    Jaxon McCormick

    There so different and have there own personas that you can’t compare them

  • AlexaQuinn11


  • Diana Rodríguez
    Diana Rodríguez

    Gaby you are beautiful, don't believe anybody giving you hate, because guess what there lying

  • Emma Clare
    Emma Clare

    It the niki and gabi show if u don’t like one don’t watch it as it’s both there fucking channel

  • Syrenity Redfern
    Syrenity Redfern

    So dramatic 😴😴😴

  • Madeline Reynolds
    Madeline Reynolds

    You are both beautiful people inside and out! Stop hating on these beautiful people!

  • slothgamers

    I am so sorry I am crying my eyes out everyone is beautiful and Niki and gabi DO NOT deserve these haters it's not fair pls don't

  • Marina M.
    Marina M.

    Niki got hate for so many years they never made a video like this for her. They only do it for Gabi.

  • ?¿Naaarra¿?

    I know people has their own opinion and they want to speak up about it but this is just wrong... happiness is not something easy to get and this hate comments are making it harder. Gabi doesn't deserve this:( "Happiness means nothing without pain" yes but don't get the wrong thing... hate comments isn't helping anybody get closer to happiness. + "Critics and reviews are the one that helps something develop" again, yes. But dont get the wrong thing. We love you nikki and gabi♡

  • bailey !
    bailey !

    don’t ever compare siblings.. they are both EQUALLY gorgeous, they both deserve the SAME love from their supporters.

  • Holly Webb
    Holly Webb

    Love you both specifically for the things that make you different! Keep unifying together bc it’s so great to see and I’m sorry about the constant comparison ❤️

  • Elly Anderson
    Elly Anderson

    why weren’t the videos that “bashed” niki taken down?

  • Pippa White
    Pippa White

    You are BOTH queens you are BOTH successful and you are BOTH good people ignore all of those mean comments and and you do you keep living like queens all day every day💙

  • Aurelia Parr
    Aurelia Parr

    Gabi is so pretty so is Niki but for me I connect with Gabi so I like her a lot but I also relate to Niki so I love both of them because they are so 🤩

  • Axngleblxssxm

    she’s gorgeous those people can shut up!🤍💖😕

  • Eglė Norvilaitė
    Eglė Norvilaitė

    seeing Gabi cry breaks my heart. Believe me, Gabi you are beautiful and don't listen to the hate. Love you Niki AND Gabi!

  • Livi V
    Livi V

    They are both beautiful goddesses they are beautiful and don't deserve hate for doing what they want and living life let them be who they want . Love ya 💜

  • Nova Arnott
    Nova Arnott

    twins stick together they don't put each other down they don't compare each other they are so nice so be nice to each other so respect them

  • Amazing Eva
    Amazing Eva

    OMG yall are both so pretty, dont let those nasty people get to you :)

  • Cassidy Debargis
    Cassidy Debargis

    Gabi is stunning. Y’all are just jealous because she has her life together and can afford things that y’all can’t. She worked very hard the past couple years and became very successful. Her body, her face, her choice.

  • clish


  • Energy Centre
    Energy Centre

    We love u don't ever think of this ❤️❤️ I love u guys u r my fav

  • Lee Hatzi
    Lee Hatzi

    Gabi you’re sooo pretty

  • Claire Schimmoeller
    Claire Schimmoeller

    Niki and Gabi you are both gorgeous 💖😊

  • Bella Anderson
    Bella Anderson

    You both are beautiful! And your confidence to tell all of us what is going on. There is an army behind you guys and we will always be supportive and your true fans will be there for you❤️😘

  • Isshikka Gandhi
    Isshikka Gandhi

    Teehee nicky looks sl much better than gabi i hate how gabi is so stupid looking 😂😂

  • salome xaraishvili
    salome xaraishvili


  • Paul Ryan
    Paul Ryan

    omg stay sweet gabby i feel terriblr gabby your amazin nikki your amazing Gabbi you have such an amazing person and look gorgeous differently to Nikki your beautful and gorgeous in differently to Gabbi I LOVE U GUYS

  • Tara Eghraghi
    Tara Eghraghi

    dude they are humans they have a soul don't take their souls and burn em, their mental health or anyones mental health is very serious don't play with it

  • I avaaa
    I avaaa


  • Harriet’s Games and fun
    Harriet’s Games and fun

    Gabi do not feel like this you are awsome 🥰😍😘

  • Vanessa Logsdon
    Vanessa Logsdon

    Gabi you are gorgeous

  • aspiringauthor Erin Rail
    aspiringauthor Erin Rail

    I just subscribed to your channel, not too long ago and I want to say that you are nice girls. I don't know why anyone would be so rude to you! Gabi is such a nice girl (I found her through Angie Crystal) and she is so nice, Nikki, as well. You guys are strong powerful women! Anyone who hates you is wrong! Keep up the good content.

  • Aarya chauhan
    Aarya chauhan

    Gabi is gorgeous . She is so beautiful 💐

  • Cheyanne DeHaan
    Cheyanne DeHaan

    Gabi your so pretty and Niki your so pretty too you all are amazing

  • MaddiePlayz

    Both y’all are so beautiful and intelligent

  • svftii bubbles
    svftii bubbles

    Gabi, you are beautiful. Niki you are not forgotten, you are beautiful aswell. Guys you need to understand they would be really confident to post this video. Please don't spread hate to Gabi and the support Niki, don't hate one twin and not the other. I love you guys but you need to stop spreading hate, put this in your head what if you were them, Niki and Gabi could be crying after this videos. Please stop spreading hate!!!!!!

  • Annie Christensen
    Annie Christensen

    People don't need to be parents for 25 years olds goodness they can make their own desicons

  • GirlGamer

    Gabri your beautiful

  • louis west
    louis west

    Sorry for all your hate you both pretty I am 9 and want to grow up like you

  • Aarohi XO
    Aarohi XO

    Gabi doesn’t deserve this she is beautiful. They are both so amazing!

  • Gianna Dale
    Gianna Dale

    You both are absolutely beautiful you don’t deserve the hate 💕

  • Charlotte B
    Charlotte B

    I feel sorry for what niki and gabi have been through

  • Mylo

    Babi finally gets 2nd best and throws a hissy fit. That’s a sliver of what’s been said and done to niki badly. Pull down the ones mean to niki.

  • Dylan Lesure
    Dylan Lesure

    I love both of you. At FIRST I liked Gabi more because she was my style but now I like both of you the same because I have both of your styles. ily both and Gabi you are beautiful!

  • April Taubinger
    April Taubinger

    Don't listen to your haters you both are beautiful. Gabi don't listen to them your body is yours and not others. Niki same thing your body is your body and you don't deserve this hate.

  • Jocelyn Gonzalez
    Jocelyn Gonzalez

    you are both so pretty and smart stop listening to those hate comments because you girls are amazing💕✨

  • Clara Thorpe
    Clara Thorpe

    I cant believe people actually say these things to put someone down. Look at Gabi she is actually cry why do people say this???? Ridiculous

  • Lara Erdem
    Lara Erdem

    yusde anna dotbetimi livdisçanl dotlakdet gebiluks pireri endaylavhem endlk niki yutuvizmeyzin ayorastad ğebi niki lave lovyu

  • fifilin32

    You both are so pretty i love you both

  • london2910

    Are you 25 you look so pretty

  • london2910

    Why are you thinking that?your more beautiful then me

  • Taya kent
    Taya kent

    i like the twins equally!

  • Penny Kretschmer
    Penny Kretschmer

    Gabbi is amazing and so beautiful how could the other viewers say that

  • Helena Tubio
    Helena Tubio

    WELL SAID!!!!!!👏👏👏👏 I'm a twit and I can relate sm

  • Simmer Lili
    Simmer Lili

    What I am new to this channel and and they both are my fav

  • Noor Charara
    Noor Charara

    Niki is pretty and gabi is pretty

  • Heidi Elmer
    Heidi Elmer

    I just love how supportive Niki and Gabi are of each other!🙂 they are awesome they are both gorgeous in their own way. Stop the hate y'all!!!!!

  • aliza maurer
    aliza maurer

    we are so sorry, nobody should treat anyone literlly anyone like that!! thats not fair so gabi thats why you gotta watch out for things like that theres alot of haters out there and i know.. so don't that anyone bring you down

  • Megan Uljee
    Megan Uljee

    Gabi is the best and very stunning both them are gorgeous they were born with beauty ❤️❤️❤️

  • nithya kalya
    nithya kalya

    Gabby don't cry

  • Nokutenda Makahamadze
    Nokutenda Makahamadze

    None of them deserve this

  • Amanda Addg
    Amanda Addg

    You are all so pretty and beautiful

  • Anna Hernandez
    Anna Hernandez

    She is amazing

  • valeria lopez
    valeria lopez

    gabby is so pretty wish I was pretty as her LOVE YOURSELF GABS if u are hating u are only hurting urself and letting jealousy first and not thinking it is hurting people SHAME ON YOU

  • Sophie-dvg-neill

    Ugh ignore these stupid comments. The only reason they would say this is because they’re jealous. YOU ARE BOTH BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE DONT LET ANYBODY TELL YOU DIFFERENT.

  • Teresa Knickerbocker
    Teresa Knickerbocker

    Gabi's dress is so cute

  • Amelia KellyQuinn
    Amelia KellyQuinn

    We should lift each other up.Not bring each other down.love to gabie.❤❤❤

  • Nanga Andin
    Nanga Andin

    ok Gabi is so pretty and shes so gorgeous i feel bad i dont know these ladies but i feel bad and niki and gabi and all the ladies on this channel are so pretty they have cute outfits

  • Serenity Park
    Serenity Park

    I LOOOOOOOVE you both equally! And Gabi you are beautiful (so are you Niki plus love ur hair grl)

  • Sammie Wells
    Sammie Wells

    Gabi dont worry you are a really beautiful girl dont let anyone make you think anything else!

  • Batia Kastika
    Batia Kastika

    Gabi and niki are both beautiful and I like that u are honest and I’m sorry to both of u going through this thanks for sharing

  • Gia Parmer
    Gia Parmer

    Wait what? If you sign up to be an influencer you definitely decide to be a role model. That’s kinda the definition of an influencer.

  • sjsjshsh

    Babes yal trying be Gabi but NOBADY can this girl is gorgeous so goodbyeeeee

  • Elisa Mendilaharzu
    Elisa Mendilaharzu

    This is so sad! You guys are perfect❤️

  • Poonam Singh
    Poonam Singh


  • Skylar Tylutke
    Skylar Tylutke

    They are both so beautiful, and I’m so happy they are doing good, i’ve been watching them forever. But I just find it weird how Nikki has got all this hate for all these years and it never mattered it was never a big deal but now that it’s Gabi it is a big deal..?

  • Rosie Aston
    Rosie Aston

    I love you guys both of you ❤️❤️