Which Twin Can Take the Better Polaroid Photos? Sister vs Sister
we wanted to do a *NO EDITING* photoshoot challenge, and we love polaroid photos, sooo we wanted to compete and see who could take the best non-edited polaroid photos!
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If you see this, comment "that inappropriate polaroid omg"
only those who watch up to that point will know what this means ;)

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We’re Niki and Gabi! We hope you enjoyed our polaroid photoshoot challenge / no editing photoshoot challenge video! We’re twin sisters who are different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make videos like challenges, sister vs sister, photoshoot challenges, 24 hour challenges, DIY, swaps, shopping challenges, 24 hour challenges, diy, style, beauty, lifestyle, fashion, comedy, types of girls, music, and more!

  • Thrisha Jain
    Thrisha Jain


  • ShimmerShine 15
    ShimmerShine 15


  • - B E A R -
    - B E A R -


  • Milani Vlogs
    Milani Vlogs

    fav for Gabi: 1 fav for Niki:2 I think that Niki wins

  • Pdx Alien
    Pdx Alien

    8:29 looks like they have a green screen

  • Coco Doyle
    Coco Doyle

    I like Nikis photos more

  • E M
    E M

    Fell in love with Gabi's retro shot!

  • leyla garcia
    leyla garcia

    Niki won i like all her photos the best Gabi's were good but personally i liked Niki's better.

  • Golgi Gaming
    Golgi Gaming


  • Kassidy Butler
    Kassidy Butler

    1. Niki 2. Niki 3. Niki Sorry gabi I just love Niki asthetic

  • Shelby Sawyer
    Shelby Sawyer

    I love your gabi

  • Armando Diaz
    Armando Diaz

    niki won but i like gabis retro pic


    for thoose who gave a thumbs up to my comment and read it will be always blessed in life 😌👌

  • Alia Ismail
    Alia Ismail

    nikki won 7 monthes later

  • Aditi & Diya
    Aditi & Diya

    bruh....ofcourse Nikki won

  • Joseph Harrison
    Joseph Harrison


  • Emma Clement
    Emma Clement

    I like this is fake because in nikki's headshot her hands are up but in the final photo her hands are done. They look stunning doe

  • Anna Garnica
    Anna Garnica

    i really think gabi

  • Nokutenda Chikukwa
    Nokutenda Chikukwa


  • Brittany Taylor
    Brittany Taylor

    I love them all except the gabi and Collin one lol

  • Giulshen Singartiliva
    Giulshen Singartiliva

    1)niki 2)niki 3)Niki

  • Carmen


    • Carmen


  • Makenzie Nichols
    Makenzie Nichols

    Gabi:leans back to take the photo Colen:stands normal to take the photo Edit:Haha

  • Sylvia Sousa
    Sylvia Sousa

    Yo!!!! Niki’s couple photo is everything!!!!

  • Kori Sorters
    Kori Sorters


  • Holli Johnson
    Holli Johnson

    both of you did good I love your youtube Chanel Ive watched most of your videos

  • Kahlia Hemingway
    Kahlia Hemingway

    Niki, gabi, niki

  • Sara Benbassat
    Sara Benbassat

    Nicky one sorry Gabi

  • angelina

    Headshot:Nicki Retro:Gabi Couples:Niki&Nate

  • Simran Goel
    Simran Goel

    Nikis headshot was not a one time take and even gabi didn’t take the retro theme pic one time Look at it carefully(Niki) 1:her hand 2:her eye (Gabi) 1:her hair 2:angle

  • Maleeha Sarfraz
    Maleeha Sarfraz

    # team niki

  • Juliana Morseau-Willoughby
    Juliana Morseau-Willoughby

    Nikki won

  • Serenity Park
    Serenity Park

    That inappropriate polaroid omg

  • Gaby Alexis
    Gaby Alexis

    I like niki’s

  • Info Kritisch
    Info Kritisch


  • Michaela Pehar
    Michaela Pehar

    Why does Niki puts her lips like that every time when taking pictures I feel like if she makes natural smile or doesn't even smile it would've been so much better but she's beautiful either way lol

  • Lily's Account
    Lily's Account

    Headshot: Niki Retro: Gabi Couples: Niki and Nate

  • Bellaa

    The mountainous fox regrettably scrape because sparrow intraspecifically hope plus a wild stamp. tired, wrong language

  • Syrenity Redfern
    Syrenity Redfern

    I’d say niki won

  • Geanily Thangadurai
    Geanily Thangadurai

    How is here in 2021

  • Jessica Janetski
    Jessica Janetski

    Headshot: nikki Retro:gabi Couples:nikki

  • Sophie McEachen
    Sophie McEachen

    niki won

  • Lee Collins
    Lee Collins


  • Jimena Gamez
    Jimena Gamez

    Niki for sure ( my thoughts)

  • Bri Rose
    Bri Rose

    i have one question, who edits these?? cuz i know this is ur gies channel together so who does all the editing?

  • Aleks Alekso
    Aleks Alekso

    Niki win

  • mad Mead
    mad Mead

    Niki won

  • Naveah and Neritzah’s World
    Naveah and Neritzah’s World

    Niki won💗

  • Clem Fowler
    Clem Fowler

    unpopular opinion? Retro :Gabi Headshot: Gabi and couples: Niki and nate

    • jungkook,v&jimin'swife

      I fully agree

  • Katie Zaj
    Katie Zaj

    Niki 100%

  • Momoe Templer
    Momoe Templer

    I love you guys😎

  • Sophia Anastasia Colindre
    Sophia Anastasia Colindre


  • Lily Hola
    Lily Hola


  • Jessica Messica
    Jessica Messica

    90s = retro Im old AF

  • Serenity Park
    Serenity Park

    For Niki's first photo the position she did in the video looks NOTHING like the actual photo

  • Chloe Waerig
    Chloe Waerig

    why did niki slay this

  • Itzel Rivera
    Itzel Rivera

    Niki won but gabi’s retro is 🤌🏽

  • Paloma Martinez
    Paloma Martinez

    I like nikis better but I really love the first poloraid picture of gabi ❤️

  • tania dreams
    tania dreams

    Gabi/niki Gabi Niki

  • Royal Ame
    Royal Ame

    I’m sorry but niki won bc the couples she won couples and headshot but gabi did win retro

  • Zoe Young
    Zoe Young

    For me Headshot: gabi Retro: gabi Couples: niki & Nate

  • Jen Zweep
    Jen Zweep


  • Princess Flow
    Princess Flow

    10 out of ten

  • Princess Flow
    Princess Flow

    I’m still laughing when gabi took the couples photo

  • In Anaiyas World
    In Anaiyas World

    niki wins

  • Sarah Jean Hoffman
    Sarah Jean Hoffman

    Gabi for sure

  • rose

    Niki definitely won

  • nina bulgar
    nina bulgar

    lol niki changed the headshot pic her hand was up when she took it so that’s an automatic loss cause that’s cheating

  • Archisa Labar
    Archisa Labar


  • Kamila Isabella
    Kamila Isabella

    niki and nates looks like a album cover lol

    • Jonathan Alan
      Jonathan Alan


  • Kayla LaShae
    Kayla LaShae

    Gabis retro photo is soooo beautiful omg

    • Kayla LaShae
      Kayla LaShae

      Headshot: both Retro: Gabi Couples: Niki (definitely reminds me of a 90s shot)

  • Nikita Greaves
    Nikita Greaves

    omg who could hate on nate, seriously. he is the sweetest thing ever. nate if your seeing this just know that you are so sweet and kind and have absolutely nothing to be hating on

  • Meg Foster
    Meg Foster

    niki definitely won but gabi i loved yours too :)

  • Lolipop Central
    Lolipop Central

    My fav is niki retro

  • bella hoskinson
    bella hoskinson

    nikki won only because she hase more time with the poloroed

    • Jonathan Alan
      Jonathan Alan


  • Pee Pee
    Pee Pee

    Nicki def won all

  • Layla Hinch
    Layla Hinch

    I feel like Niki won

  • Rebecca Moen
    Rebecca Moen

    Why does Niki remind me of Mary Kate Olsen

  • Rose Clark348
    Rose Clark348

    `1. Niki 2. Gabi 3. Niki

  • Ylenia .x
    Ylenia .x

    Nikki lost 100%

    • Ylenia .x
      Ylenia .x

      @Jonathan Alan them Asian woman on HRposts as well

    • Jonathan Alan
      Jonathan Alan


    • Layla Hinch
      Layla Hinch

      Niki won 100%

  • Zulaikha

    Niki x lmao x even in a camera whatever the flash hits that’s the only part what stay light and then the other part goes dark xxxx xx lmao xxx I’m laughing x

    • Layla Hinch
      Layla Hinch

      Ok then...

  • Melanie Martinez
    Melanie Martinez

    team niki

  • Slime 08
    Slime 08


    • Jonathan Alan
      Jonathan Alan


  • Jamison Lloyd
    Jamison Lloyd

    Niki won

    • Jonathan Alan
      Jonathan Alan


  • Jasmyn Tenri
    Jasmyn Tenri

    Niki definitely won lmao

  • Marlee Brown
    Marlee Brown

    when i heard cozy couples vibe i automatically knew I was that vibe because thats what i wear everyday

  • Carlene Anderson
    Carlene Anderson


    • Jonathan Alan
      Jonathan Alan


  • arwa okab
    arwa okab

    Gabi reminds me of a princess.🙌

  • Olivia Kenny
    Olivia Kenny

    Headshot: Niki 💙🧡 Retro: Gabi 💝💞 Couples: Niki and Nate 💙🧡

  • Suhanika Dutt
    Suhanika Dutt

    Dude niki is soo damn cute♥️♥️

    • Jonathan Alan
      Jonathan Alan


  • Mariam Ramy
    Mariam Ramy

    3:05 how did she take the pic looking at the camera 3:13 and the pic turned out looking at another thing And it’s supposed to to be one pic

    • Jonathan Alan
      Jonathan Alan


  • Alayna Madsen
    Alayna Madsen

    Omg gabi retro pic is cute it is the pettiest thing I have ever seen

  • Molly Jonas
    Molly Jonas

    headshot: Niki Retro: Gabi Couples: Niki This is my opitian

    • Jonathan Alan
      Jonathan Alan


  • liyalhandsophieplayz

    1. Gabbi 2. Niki 3. Nikki

  • Mireille Vella
    Mireille Vella

    I like nikis i loove gabis but the thing is the last one of gabi the lightning is kinda of and dark and collen has a completely different lighting i thing ninki one and i loove you alll i somethings i have gabis style and sometimes nike s style .

    • Jonathan Alan
      Jonathan Alan


  • PinkBunny Shell
    PinkBunny Shell

    niki won

  • Heather Collins
    Heather Collins

    I fell like you both won

  • isabel Ramirez
    isabel Ramirez

    i like niki's more the reason is its cause like the retro one was like my favv and i liked gabi's to but for me niki won

  • Perla Gonzalez
    Perla Gonzalez


  • Keely Ryan
    Keely Ryan

    Headshot: Niki🛼 Retro: Gabi💕 Couple Photo: Niki and Nate🛼