Which Twin Wore the FALL 2020 Trends BETTER? Challenge
we're sisters, and we have opposite styles, so we wanted to style fall 2020 fashion trends and see who styled their outfit better by having YOU guys vote on our instagram story polls! in this video, we have to style: preppy (pleaded skirts & collar shirts), Y2K (early 2000s trends), browns + nudes, and CORSETS! watch all the way through to see the results of fWHO WORE IT BETTER?
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If you see this, comment "the mean median and MODE LOL"
only those who watch up to that point will know what this means ;)
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We’re Niki and Gabi! We hope you enjoyed our "who wore it better" fall 2020 fashion trends video! We’re twin sisters who are different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make videos like challenges, fashion trends, spring 2020, stuck at home, at home videos, celebrities, tricking our followers, DIY outfits, making outfits, sister vs sister, photoshoot challenges, 24 hour challenges, DIY, swaps, shopping challenges, 24 hour challenges, diy, style, beauty, lifestyle, fashion, comedy, types of girls, music, and more!

  • Emilia PRIDEAUX
    Emilia PRIDEAUX

    Is it just me or does gabi’s preppy outfit look like Cher Horowitz from clueless

  • Cj Buck
    Cj Buck

    Anyone know the song at 6:56? I really like the song.

  • Raiya Iida
    Raiya Iida

    They can literally be a model

  • melena snider
    melena snider

    Omggg I am the 4,000 comment on the dot

  • Ella Siraa
    Ella Siraa

    Gabi looks so good as always but especially in this video I love the latte colour

  • Ramadani Ilajda
    Ramadani Ilajda


  • aviu theluo
    aviu theluo

    Gabi lookes so pretty today

  • Lana Alrowette
    Lana Alrowette

    What happened to Erin!?

  • batya!

    this is who won for me preppy: niki nudes and browns: gabi y2k: niki corset: niki

  • slowed love
    slowed love

    best hair color n style gabis ever done

  • kolek719

    vm.tiktok.com/ZMeSCeTJW/ the top the girl wears in this tiktok gave me serious Niki vibes

  • Balbir Gakhal
    Balbir Gakhal

    Can you do a video on winter fashion trends please 🙃😀

  • Jeanine Ott
    Jeanine Ott

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  • Emilija Vėževičiūtė
    Emilija Vėževičiūtė


  • Angel Vega-Guerra
    Angel Vega-Guerra

    love the out fitts

  • Emily Nguyen
    Emily Nguyen

    the mean median and MODE LOL



  • Serenity Park
    Serenity Park

    The mean median and mode LOL

  • Heidi Maria
    Heidi Maria

    What music is this, Iove ittt


    Why does nikis preppy look looks like it would be better for the early 2000s look

  • Ida Sadat
    Ida Sadat


  • Lay Potvin
    Lay Potvin

    Corset: gabi Y2K: neither... I’m so sorry Brown: gabi Preppy: Niki

  • Hannah

    I feel like Gabi needs to change her editing style, she always looks so good posing and then the final picture looks just tacky especially with the lantern picture idk

  • Avn Brar
    Avn Brar

    is it just me or why does nikki do the with her lips

  • Thomas Clark
    Thomas Clark

    Nikki is so slim loving it and Gabi to

  • Olivia Dougherty
    Olivia Dougherty

    gabi totoley won

  • Milsa Szola
    Milsa Szola

    gonna have to give Niki this one

  • Ilona Lee
    Ilona Lee

    was I the only one who was somehow annoyed when Gabi was trying to make excuses for not winning preppy... she knew it was "preppy" when they were choosing the outfits. she just didn't want to accept that she lost to niki

  • Sitara N.
    Sitara N.


  • Isabelle

    where did Niki get that crewneck?

  • Deadly Gamer
    Deadly Gamer

    Notice how every time they do this type of content in the thumbnail it is made to seem niki got more votes but really Gabi did...

  • Skyler Fries
    Skyler Fries

    2:49 moria rose who

  • Phoebe Fancy rose
    Phoebe Fancy rose

    I love guys but niki stop pouting

  • juliana hayes
    juliana hayes

    omg gabby looks so pretty in this video

  • Jessica Messica
    Jessica Messica

    Latte blonde aka brown

  • navya chelani
    navya chelani

    Is it just me or is the pink hat that niki wore for Y2K literally the same as the one addison rae wore in one of her posts?

  • Iva Mićić
    Iva Mićić

    Niki and Gabi pls do 𝑫𝒊𝒔𝒏𝒆𝒚 fashon

  • fun with shea jay
    fun with shea jay

    I wish I looked like them

  • Anushka Nath
    Anushka Nath

    "School girl look" Gabi said. Me wearing it everyday to go to school becoz it's the uniform

  • Lizzie G
    Lizzie G

    You should have one item you both wear and see who wore it better

  • Issy May xxx
    Issy May xxx

    Gabi’s brown outfit omg 😍😍


    their background music usually musics that are played on our store..😁

  • Athulya

    Very soon you guys will reach 10millon

  • Nikita Greaves
    Nikita Greaves

    i died when nate stepped in about the math

  • Julija Logar
    Julija Logar

    i dont think thats how u calculate with % tho...

  • Senal Senanayake
    Senal Senanayake

    Omg when niki said “My indecision, my rising libra” I FREAKIN FELT THAT (I’m a Libra too AND I’m indecisive as hell!)

  • Scarlet Witch
    Scarlet Witch

    You guys (when you post again) should do who wore it better: winter trends

  • Jayden Alvarez
    Jayden Alvarez

    Why does gabi look like a crack head

  • Audrina Lynn
    Audrina Lynn

    Be trying to figure out what song is in the background when gabi is taking pics by the light

  • Ilene Garcia
    Ilene Garcia

    I have not watched them since 2016 they look do different

  • Ashlee Knight
    Ashlee Knight

    Gabi and Niki should do a all nighter

  • Aqsa Rahim
    Aqsa Rahim

    You seriously look so weird when taking photos

  • Leslie A. Iris
    Leslie A. Iris

    wait i’m late, but where did niki get her hello kitty necklace...it’s digging it

  • Isabella G
    Isabella G

    you girls should do the winter trends ! ❄️🤩

  • It’s lil Shawty
    It’s lil Shawty

    Who else saw the bunny behind gaby 👇

  • Maria Elizabeth
    Maria Elizabeth

    Winter 2020?

  • Rai Bubbles
    Rai Bubbles

    Nikki were just adding.. wdym mean, median and mode??😂😂😂😂

  • antoinette balace
    antoinette balace

    can anyone tell me what song is in 4:21?

  • danielle wolfe
    danielle wolfe

    nobody nate: "your just adding them up your not looking for the mean median or fucking mode" 😭 that was the best part of the video😂💀

  • yara al-mutalq
    yara al-mutalq

    I love your videos😍😍😍😍😍

  • Moxie Jeane
    Moxie Jeane

    Nate in the background at the end tho omg

  • Sara Cates
    Sara Cates

    Gabi’s hair looks so cute 😊

  • Cassie loves pink
    Cassie loves pink

    Can y'all please do a vanity tour video? Love u both

  • A D R I A N A J
    A D R I A N A J

    Why does niki and gabi look like Kylie jenner/ kardasion( sorry if I don’t spell the last name write) anyone?

  • Adelaide Hayley
    Adelaide Hayley

    I hate them so much

  • Kallie Mckay
    Kallie Mckay

    does anyone know the song name at 4:20

  • Tiana Fuller
    Tiana Fuller

    I love gabi and niki style but what exactly is really consider fall outfit? I was thinking lot of cashmere sweater, baggy pant and boot. And the dress gabi wore for 2000 style seem like the perfect outfit from the old day fall season when women was expected to wear dresses

  • Deysi Reyes
    Deysi Reyes

    niki you boy-dady is men

  • Carolina Valencia
    Carolina Valencia

    brown cow stunning

  • Erika Medley
    Erika Medley

    I love g a b I but someone tell her it’s brown

  • Iris Ramos
    Iris Ramos


  • Jayleen Reyes
    Jayleen Reyes

    Had anyone noticed or is it just me that Nicky try’s to hard to be like kinda emo in the past or like she try’s to much to be a aesthetic

  • Shaima Ahmed
    Shaima Ahmed

    Niki was just embarrassed and brought up meam,median ,mode

  • fashiondruggg

    “Not the mean, median and fucking mode” quote of year 😂😂😂🤍

  • Elizabeth’s_the_ roblox_kid peace and love peeps
    Elizabeth’s_the_ roblox_kid peace and love peeps

    Omg niki makeup looks good and gabi is always been Kylie Jenner mix with Ariana granda lol love you guys

  • B W
    B W

    Nikki is me when it comes to math

  • Daphne Johnson
    Daphne Johnson

    She keeps saying get up (niki)

  • Nina Müller
    Nina Müller

    Ily 🥺❤️❤️❤️

  • cwoffee

    I love niki outfits

  • Emma

    Niki you mentioned Depop... What are yours or Gabbie's depop please lovely? ❤

  • Diandra Duarte
    Diandra Duarte

    Dude, Gabi really nailed this challenge. It was so good

  • Taylor Grajczyk
    Taylor Grajczyk

    I forgot to say this but I feel live for a video who did it better but you boyfriends dress you guy, Im sorry if you guy already did this and i didn't see it but I feel like that would be something cool to do

  • ch4eby yuri
    ch4eby yuri

    Gabi looks so pretty with that hair style!

  • Lila Barcenas
    Lila Barcenas

    I am in love with Nikki’s style ❤️🖤

  • Lil Buchanan
    Lil Buchanan

    You guys should do a thrift flip but for each other so like Niki thrift flips something for Gabi and Gabi does the same for Niki and see who did it better

  • Madilynn Yang
    Madilynn Yang

    I really like Gabi’s new hair color

  • Joanna Hislop
    Joanna Hislop

    I love all outfits but if i need to chose : 1. Niki 2. Both 3. Niki 4. Gabi Love the outfits ❤️

  • Pedro Simons
    Pedro Simons

    The second outfit niki wore looks like she’s from the movie brats.

  • Tayla Christina
    Tayla Christina

    Does anybody else hate how much gabi edits and blurs her photos? like shes so pretty and she should to learn to love herself

  • U E
    U E

    The top Niki is wearing in the intro is awesome! Wonder where she got it from!

  • Roma Sharkey
    Roma Sharkey

    Niki should have won

  • andrea yoder
    andrea yoder


  • Eleanor Hobson
    Eleanor Hobson

    They r thriving and I love it

  • Hanaa Isaacs
    Hanaa Isaacs

    niki is soo annoying (she tries too hard to be "not like other girls) but her style is right up my alle so i'll have to say she won.

  • Katelyn Kable
    Katelyn Kable

    You guys should check out Katelyn Kable’s channel

  • 연덕오덕


  • Alisha Prakash
    Alisha Prakash

    Gabri making excuses when she lost preppy

  • Breeah Foodsé
    Breeah Foodsé

    While doin the reveal anyone noticed the Swarovski eating GABI bought in 24 hrs shopping online challenge ...

  • Alisha Prakash
    Alisha Prakash

    To me your style is like Serena from gossip girl

  • Sea

    “Preppy” just looks like english school girl