Who Styles Walmart Better? Sister vs Sister
we're sisters, and we have opposite styles, so we wanted to style Walmart clothes- a place most influencers don't shop- to see who styled their outfit better. we are going to shop at Walmart, give you guys a quick clothing haul, style the clothes, and then FaceTime celebrity stylists to see WHO WORE IT BETTER.
#SistervsSister #walmartchallenge #walmart
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watch our reality show! Niki and Gabi TAKE BAHAMAS
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We’re Niki and Gabi! We hope you enjoyed our "who wore it better"Walmart sister vs sister video! We’re twin sisters who are different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make videos like challenges, fashion trends, spring 2020, stuck at home, at home videos, celebrities, tricking our followers, DIY outfits, making outfits, sister vs sister, photoshoot challenges, 24 hour challenges, DIY, swaps, shopping challenges, 24 hour challenges, diy, style, beauty, lifestyle, fashion, comedy, types of girls, music, and more!

  • Liera For Life
    Liera For Life

    Fabian is a 7 and a half and I am that size ang I am 12

  • thulasi vaishnavi
    thulasi vaishnavi

    Niki less effort awesome style

  • Sasha Robello
    Sasha Robello

    Gabis style is everything

  • melena snider
    melena snider

    You guys over here acting like Walmart is a trashy 1$ store. Like I literally Only get my clothes from there. People that are normal can only afford Walmart shit.

  • Jayne Forster
    Jayne Forster

    Mikey is Ari’s brother?,

  • Aysha Hisgana
    Aysha Hisgana

    Okay!!! But I love Niki's outfit!!

  • Samar Fatima Khan
    Samar Fatima Khan

    Be Muslim if you want..

  • M Guevara
    M Guevara

    Ok but I am now convinced to buy things are Walmart

  • Tiola Spahiu
    Tiola Spahiu


  • Dixie Roberts
    Dixie Roberts

    Do you like niki or Gabis outfits better? Comment

  • Aria Murray
    Aria Murray

    "walmart is lit" Sorry it’s a bit late!! Love your videos :D

  • Carlos Betanco
    Carlos Betanco


  • someone lol
    someone lol

    When Collin said that's my girlfriend 😣there so cute

  • Annabelle fransen
    Annabelle fransen

    did any one else hear collin say "thats my girlfriend!!!"

  • Nisreen Shahrour
    Nisreen Shahrour

    Niki diffently won

  • F Clements
    F Clements

    Colin: “that’s my girlfriend” Omg that was so cute your hype man 💕

  • P A N Da oOfiEz'z
    P A N Da oOfiEz'z

    :O i legit just saw the steelers sweatshirt in the back. I never realized you lived in Pittsburgh.

  • Little Sis
    Little Sis

    The fact she’s just with Rachel in the backround while shopping lol

  • __miyahhh

    U guys are so different now y’all were so young but I just wish u guys do more videos on 2021 please

  • lesbean

    I feel like gabi should be a accessorie designer.

  • Rat

    I love nikkis tie dye outfit so egging much. Especially with the un buttoned shorts. So cool

  • LiliAnna Chassen
    LiliAnna Chassen

    I like Gabbys outfits better

  • Baron Neal
    Baron Neal

    Niki kinda looks like shakira

  • grace hernandez
    grace hernandez

    Is it sad to say that at 1:45 those are the bras i wear...

  • Fatsaf* yeah
    Fatsaf* yeah

    Niki die ur hair green

  • Serenity Park
    Serenity Park

    Walmart is lit

  • Amaya Zamora
    Amaya Zamora

    I love Gabi’s style beacause its like really cute and she likes the same colors i do :D

  • Beth S
    Beth S

    The "safari" hat looks like something captain Rebecca would wear

  • Beth S
    Beth S

    Take a shot every time Niki says stylist in the beginning of the video

  • Madyson L
    Madyson L

    Anyone think that gabs style is so freaking cute

  • ShriShri Mittal
    ShriShri Mittal

    Lol I loved how Collin said that’s my girlfriend

  • Khloe Voce-Maragh
    Khloe Voce-Maragh

    omg im sorry gabby but idk but im a girly girly but I was routing for niki I love that vibe

  • Silvie Julian
    Silvie Julian

    Me watching Gabi DIY her outfit: Me: Awww that's kinda cute i'm gonna try it After trying it and doesn't turn out good: Me: Oh i just ruin it nvm

  • Nicole Atkins
    Nicole Atkins

    i am an emo just like niki but my mom whont let me whare a crop top

    • Serenity Park
      Serenity Park

      I'm sry

  • Rocio Tapia
    Rocio Tapia


  • Evie Clark
    Evie Clark

    How many subs can I get from this comment?

    • Serenity Park
      Serenity Park

      Me subscribed just now LOL

  • Lover3Gurl

    Congratulations Gabi

  • Mya McLean
    Mya McLean

    They are DIY queens

  • Anya Naik
    Anya Naik

    Gabi looks like Qween Ari!!!

  • Kate Devlin
    Kate Devlin

    Ok but Gabi would be that kid in second grade doing the crafts

  • Kate Devlin
    Kate Devlin

    I love how Niki shops in the guy section QUEEN💓💜💕💖💗💙💚💛

  • powerpuff girls
    powerpuff girls

    dont yall love that they being safer than tiktokers

    • Serenity Park
      Serenity Park

      Im not sure, they wear their masks in public but they touch the "dirty" stuff and then touch their face. Also they don't disinfect anything

  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez

    The utopian competitor importantly drain because engine ostensibly blush on a adventurous anthony. squealing, decisive snowflake

  • annie jones
    annie jones

    i love y’all

  • Siaz World
    Siaz World

    1 i like gabbi but 2 I love nikis

  • Animeweeb

    Who else just randomly saw one of their vids on recommended and is now subbed to them? 😂 ❤️

  • Unicorn

    oh my i have the pervect nike name for gappi gapstir im so prowed

  • _aestheticousins_

    Jazmin also dose the Merrell twins

  • Amaya Thomas
    Amaya Thomas

    Why are they quarantined they are family

  • Latrice Carter
    Latrice Carter

    I loooooooove Niki 😍😍😍😍

  • Zainab Kagalwala
    Zainab Kagalwala

    Y niki looks so much like biller ilish

  • Brooke Sev
    Brooke Sev

    they need to do dollar store-

  • Nidhi Aswani
    Nidhi Aswani

    nikki's second outfit was awesome

  • Hailey Lin
    Hailey Lin

    this is for niki is the bag you fond even from walmart?

    • A L
      A L

      Part of her clothes werent even from walmart😩🖐️

  • Maci Wiley
    Maci Wiley

    Love Niki and Gabi

  • Maci Wiley
    Maci Wiley


  • Maci Wiley
    Maci Wiley

    Love Niki and Gabi

  • Sydney Wiley
    Sydney Wiley

    I luv gabi

  • Araya Janvier
    Araya Janvier

    the part were gabis boyfriend said thats my girlfriend not any more thats your #wife also who is watching all there old videos

    • Serenity Park
      Serenity Park


  • Tara Vlogs
    Tara Vlogs

    Who think that gabi and Niki would be great designers

  • Mi Mi
    Mi Mi


  • Gioia Salini
    Gioia Salini

    Are we going to ignore Colin yelling:” that’s my girlfriend” wile Gabi was taking a picture

  • Eezh Arcangel
    Eezh Arcangel

    Why not do a reverse challenge of~ who makes designer pieces look cheaper/fake!!

  • Layla Lyssa
    Layla Lyssa

    yall slayed this challenge 💖

  • Ian Jalbert
    Ian Jalbert

    i love you guys my kids love one is 19 and the other one is 17

  • Melissa Konter
    Melissa Konter

    I just love gabbie .I'm sorry but something about nikki that bugs me . It's like she trys too hard

    • Serenity Park
      Serenity Park

      She does bug me but its just her personality i don't like

  • Laura Rossi
    Laura Rossi


  • Mickie Roo
    Mickie Roo

    Are there any boys watching because they showing bros my are the same as that

  • Alayna Madsen
    Alayna Madsen

    Omg when you guys taking pics gabi= Ariana grande and then niki=Billie eilish

  • Lien Wuollet
    Lien Wuollet

    i like how gabi looks like ariana grande and niki loks like billie e

  • Halle Wilson
    Halle Wilson

    Don’t take offence but for like a year I completely forgot about .ur HRposts channel and when I watched it again I was so sad you got rid of your blue hair

  • Giada Borrelli
    Giada Borrelli

    My style is more like Gabi then Niki! Like if you are like Gabi! Comment Niki if u are more like Niki!!

  • Hannah Fraser
    Hannah Fraser

    I wish over you because I love your clothes💏💏💗💗💖💖💕💕🥳😼💙💙🦌🐫

  • BunBune e
    BunBune e

    When niki sees the button up *this is why I joined HRposts bro*

  • {Da Allsworths}
    {Da Allsworths}

    Nikki: Loving the whole outfit Gabi: Legit Criticizing that hat then slaying it🤣

  • Stella Slime
    Stella Slime

    Can I just say Gabi looks AMAZING in those glasses 😍

  • Commander Tano
    Commander Tano

    The dog with gabi when she is doing her outfit picking is so cute 🥰

  • Eva Stuart
    Eva Stuart

    I’m so shocked niki is not lgbtq+ She might I just don’t know

  • Tanera Sells
    Tanera Sells

    Aaaahhhh now things r normal there are drumroll plase MASSSKKK YES HAHA YEA

  • Anastasia Grooms
    Anastasia Grooms

    you are so cutte

  • KittycornjulesV

    I love when Collin said “that’s my girlfriend!” Lol!

  • Empire22

    7:13 and 7:48 songs please

  • Jaymee Beasley
    Jaymee Beasley

    Omg Rachel has blue hair but I have missed her 😱 😳 😆

  • Bangari Nirupama
    Bangari Nirupama

    Woow niki really looks like Billie 😉 when she poses

  • metro elizabeth
    metro elizabeth

    I wish niki wins because all the clothes gaby likes wearing is a lot of dresses and I am not a fan of dresses

  • 9D_Amabel Faradita
    9D_Amabel Faradita

    niki is so stylist.... 🤩

  • Annelies Wuyts
    Annelies Wuyts

    Oke but we are not judging on outfits, we are judging on picture. That's a big difference. An outfit should also be practical. In a picture it doesn't matter.

  • Samantha Simmons
    Samantha Simmons

    i love the outfits. i like nikis better thought.

  • Mariah Raitter
    Mariah Raitter

    I love Niki's style

  • Amelie Dyke
    Amelie Dyke

    who else loves how even though they wear gucci and chanel they still do challenges like this

  • Lily Alex
    Lily Alex

    Was that jacket for captain rabecka


    Nikki is so open to her body I could never.

  • Sofia Plays
    Sofia Plays

    The picture of Cardi b it was at my dad’s restaurant she filmed her music video there lol

  • Jime

    Is it me or niki looks like Bella Thorne :000

  • Cosplay_flower

    Gabi being super over the top znd then you have niki who just wears basic things , i love it 😂

  • Ally Skinner
    Ally Skinner

    Whenever they showed the fake phone pic of them calling their stylists the time was exactly the same like mine 8:16 😂😂

  • Venusian Unicorn
    Venusian Unicorn

    Both so good but ofc so different wnd im living for it

  • Ana Orduz
    Ana Orduz

    How the hell did gabby win????

  • Sanjana Kathiravan
    Sanjana Kathiravan

    That is so beautiful 😍 gabi and niki nailed this ahhhh

  • Lundyn Stokes
    Lundyn Stokes

    It wont let me watch the videos