Who Wore the SPRING 2020 TRENDS Better? Sister vs Sister
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we're sisters, and we have opposite styles, so we wanted to style spring 2020 fashion trends and see who styled their outfit better. by having YOU guys vote on our instagram story polls! in this video, we have to style: tie dye, pastel colors, butterflies, and early 2000s trends and styles. WHO WORE IT BETTER?
#SistervsSister #spring2020 #fashiontrends #2020
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watch our reality show! Niki and Gabi TAKE BAHAMAS
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If you see this, comment "THE BUCKET HAT LOL"
only those who watch up to that point will know what this means ;)
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We’re Niki and Gabi! We hope you enjoyed our "who wore it better" spring 2020 fashion trends video! We’re twin sisters who are different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make videos like challenges, fashion trends, spring 2020, stuck at home, at home videos, celebrities, tricking our followers, DIY outfits, making outfits, sister vs sister, photoshoot challenges, 24 hour challenges, DIY, swaps, shopping challenges, 24 hour challenges, diy, style, beauty, lifestyle, fashion, comedy, types of girls, music, and more!

  • Søft Choxo
    Søft Choxo

    Who’s here a year later in spring 2021 and there’s still SO MANY honey sponsored vids 😩🌝


    I agree with nate I also hate bucket hats

  • Tuan Nawn
    Tuan Nawn

    🦄🦄best HRpostsr 🧡💙💝cool videos 🤩🤩 wanovthekind🦋🐬🐉🌈are niki and Gabi 💎🎀drumroll for niki and Gabi 🌄🏞🎆🌅🌌

  • TeyBunny

    “ *PAUSE* “ :’)

  • Priya Sharma
    Priya Sharma

    Gabi has a grandma style lmao

  • Amber Morley
    Amber Morley

    Niki takes better photos ., but her boyfriend is a photographer/ film person so I wouldn’t expect less from her

  • greely even
    greely even

    do tinder

  • Chantelle Knox
    Chantelle Knox

    love all your outfits

  • Kiana Sabouri
    Kiana Sabouri

    I love the outfits that they chose

  • Zoë Viale
    Zoë Viale

    6:16 i heard this song on 5 minute crafts one time lol

  • Marisa Larkins
    Marisa Larkins

    Self timer photoshoot challenge sister vs sister animal print fashion styles look and styles look fashion styles sex

  • A Mi
    A Mi

    Niki is cute

  • Iamsannas Unicorn
    Iamsannas Unicorn

    1.gabi 2.nikki 3.gabi 4.gabi

  • Red Red
    Red Red

    Does anyone the song at 9:07?

  • Serenity Park
    Serenity Park


  • •S a s h a•
    •S a s h a•

    lovvveeeee niki 's hair ! I'm rewatching there videos lol . cuz they aren't posting but I've heard they are having a big comeback!

  • Serenity Park
    Serenity Park

    Who's your hair stylist Gabi?!

  • Dino Dreams
    Dino Dreams

    I love butterflies for springs

  • olivia griffith
    olivia griffith

    Did gabisay pink flowers that were yellow flowers 💐

  • Anna Garnica
    Anna Garnica

    i love gabi more than niki because im girly chic and half of retro i like gabi more

  • Thanya Gowda
    Thanya Gowda

    When I get sad I always see your smile and that makes me feel happy

  • Lily Hola
    Lily Hola

    Who Wore the SPRING 2020 TRENDS Better? Sister vs Sister 1,838,194

  • Simanta Bhattacharya
    Simanta Bhattacharya

    Niki: I am niki Gabi: it's gaaaabi

  • Annabell Delreal
    Annabell Delreal

    Who is watching this is 2021? 👇

  • Alina Ačko
    Alina Ačko

    Here’s a video idea: our boyfriends online shop for us

    • Serenity Park
      Serenity Park

      If you watch ALL their videos you would know they did that

  • Safa hussain
    Safa hussain

    Gabi win because she is nice and amazing love from safa

  • never stop atpot the t
    never stop atpot the t


  • Shawnna Boyd
    Shawnna Boyd

    Both of u guys are soo pretty

  • The pretty frog
    The pretty frog

    I love how niki always where’s the jeans she had because she own Jeans all the time

  • Pops K
    Pops K

    I like you 2 together at the end🥺

  • #weeb-town

    hEy 2021 pEopLe #2021

  • Skarlett Ihim
    Skarlett Ihim

    shut up cherry donut

  • Oshrat Eizenberg
    Oshrat Eizenberg

    Of course it's better when u react face to face.. Maybe do a challenge like this but with the boyfriends. That u pick outfits for them

  • Isabella HK
    Isabella HK

    I like both of your styles but personally Nikki has more mi style

  • Roman Amdreea
    Roman Amdreea

    What do you edit with?

  • Devintitoburrito Bayanfar
    Devintitoburrito Bayanfar

    Tbh Gabi wasn't trying AT ALL she just wore sets

  • audreyy york
    audreyy york

    niki if you see this i waned to say i LOVE YOUR STYLE

  • Anna Garnica
    Anna Garnica

    do who wore the winter 2020 trends better sister vs sister

    • Serenity Park
      Serenity Park

      Or who wore spring 2021 trends better

  • Lexa Johnson
    Lexa Johnson

    where is niki’s tie dye hoodie from? i need that haha !!

  • Froggin Royale!
    Froggin Royale!

    The song: to all the lady’s who has a brother who does not treat them right. Me: THATS MEE!!! I’m not treated right he would not even give me a little bit of cookie dough

  • Emily Zhelez
    Emily Zhelez

    In my opinion both won

  • Kendall Rochelle
    Kendall Rochelle

    this is off topic but Gabi looks like a mix of Ariana Grande and Gabriella from high school musical ... (sorry i forgot her real name 🙃)

  • Desiree Bernard
    Desiree Bernard

    Shut up they both can were it

  • Nyla Munshi
    Nyla Munshi

    I like how there closets r clean enough to take pictures in hahahaha

  • Talia Crow
    Talia Crow

    I love how supportive they are of eachother! ✨🤗 I thought Gabi was going to win this I love her style.

  • Lilah's World
    Lilah's World

    What’s the music for niki’s early 2000s look

  • Layla Garwood
    Layla Garwood

    I do. To hate bucket hats

  • memes nguyen
    memes nguyen

    where's nikki making excuses now that she's won? idk if you guys saw the other 'who wore it better' video but when nikki lost she was lowkey shaming THEIR OWN FANDOM to bring her own outfits up. now that nikki's won, where's her calling their fans biased now...

  • Sofia Plays
    Sofia Plays

    NIKI girl you look like Dua Lipa in the pastel picture

  • lilys tik tok s
    lilys tik tok s

    Gabi did you get lip filler????

  • mckenzie wedig
    mckenzie wedig

    this video was done during my birthday lol

  • Mary Smith
    Mary Smith

    Naw girl. I’d rather y’all be together filming!!!!!!

  • Jennifer Arias
    Jennifer Arias

    Ok, but like where do you get your phone cases from ? Every single video I watch from you and Gabi I see your phone case 💜

  • Mia Gutmans
    Mia Gutmans

    so cool

  • Joanna Hislop
    Joanna Hislop

    I love all the outfits but if i have to chose : 1. Niki 2. Niki 3. Gabi 4. Niki I love all outfits ❤️

  • Josa Rosa ;-;
    Josa Rosa ;-;

    Gabi looks like Ariana Grande

  • katy or love
    katy or love

    I bet Niki is very happy she finally beat gabi

  • foreva anadae
    foreva anadae

    y’all weird in these comments😑

  • Tanishtha Sai
    Tanishtha Sai

    you guys should create a one niki and gabi channel

  • Lia Gilgoff
    Lia Gilgoff

    I love watching both of you guys. Stay safe :)

  • Van95 Thuy
    Van95 Thuy

    Niki: “all the restaurants are abandoned...” Nate: “they’re not abandoned they’re just closed” Niki: “Well I’m just dramatic” Nate: “that’s nice” Me: DYING 😂😂

  • Take A Guess
    Take A Guess

    Ok but like Niki didn’t even wear the bucket house.....

  • Lucy Nivison
    Lucy Nivison

    4:01 ME TOOOOO

  • Anjali Limbu ;/
    Anjali Limbu ;/

    When it was tie dye is was thinking niki should have Wore jeans!(sorry if I spelt wore wrong I am so bad at spelling lol)but still niki and Gabi u guys are the people I inspire!I am blessed to watch u guys!well...I LOVE U GUYS SO MUCH I CANT HOLD IT IN I HAVE THE SAME TIE DYE JUMPER TOO SO YAY TWINS (just joking u and Gabi)

  • Amanda W.
    Amanda W.

    The bucket hat lol

  • Mariana Zárate tovar
    Mariana Zárate tovar

    Why can I smell the perfume

  • Dizz Dizz
    Dizz Dizz

    Gabi’s style is “Scream Queens” season one. Seriously. Tell me I’m wrong. LOL. That’s where it stemmed from and it shows. I’m not mocking her; It suits her and she def has her own unique style lol. Niki goes for that link.... alternative artist look... like that very classic ~cool girl who kinda likes punk and emo so my clothes are influenced by it but not so much that I’m not hot anymore~..... LOL ME from 18-24. I feel like every girl goes through that phase of like. ~I’m an edgy girl~ LOLOLOL. I def actually am and I’m sure Niki is too but you know what I mean.... it’s like..... I never lied to myself though. I knew I was wearing it bc I listened to emo and was from the place emo started and was “scene” in hs and all that... like, I wanted to look edgy and cool... but I admitted that to myself. And I knew that it was super, super popular to dress that way (or else you wouldnt be able to go to a mall or shopping center and get those clothes - you’d have to go to a niche little shop or thrift or WHATEVER). I didn’t think I was like... ~not like other girls~. (Which is ironic bc I’m not. I’m a literal weirdo with aspergers who never could get along with girls bc of all the nuances and shit. I cant pick up on that. They always ate me alive lol. Dudes tell you if they’re mad, you deal with it, you move on. Girls will be like hanging out with you everyday BECAUSE they dont like you, collecting intel lol. On some Mean Girls shit.)

  • Rachel Martin
    Rachel Martin

    Nikik you men

  • Alyssa Free
    Alyssa Free

    can we just talk abt niki's camera in 5th grade 😳😳


    yeah what other letter than b is billion spelt with

  • Cynthia

    10:35 savage 😳

  • Sasha German
    Sasha German

    Gabi Looks like Ariana Grande

  • Toca bell
    Toca bell


  • Reagan Robeson
    Reagan Robeson

    i wanna know where gabs fit is from in the outro when they were on ft :(

  • Scott Mangold
    Scott Mangold

    So cute

  • TaeTae's Beret
    TaeTae's Beret

    Their wardrobes are goals I wish I could afford my style lol

  • tchoo

    That honey sponsor sounds like a Mr Beast honey sponser

  • Islaz gaming
    Islaz gaming

    What the song when Gabi was posing for butterflies?

  • Mia Macklin
    Mia Macklin


  • Tasha Julian
    Tasha Julian

    love you gabi your my fav

  • Tasha Julian
    Tasha Julian

    i like gabi's the most i like because it is my look nikis is gest not my look

  • Cody Lambert
    Cody Lambert

    You guys are 2 of the prettiest people I’ve ever seen WOWOWOOW y’all gorgeous

  • BobaBear

    Anyone vote for the outfits that they rather wear? Bc they both make them cute I just pick what I would rather wear

  • Stephanie Boggs
    Stephanie Boggs

    So the Max Roux hoodie that she has is $125 and sweatpants that she has is $115 so his brand isn’t cheap

  • Jabrea Rodriguez
    Jabrea Rodriguez

    omg gabi’s facial expression are always so freakin funny 😅 i love them lol

  • Tanishtha Sai
    Tanishtha Sai

    when i used honey it saved my 5 cent

  • Jae Cae
    Jae Cae

    She needs to take the filter off the pictures would be way better without the filter

  • Jae Cae
    Jae Cae

    They should not compete it’s prolly not good for their mental health

  • Lee

    😂 Did nobody hear how Gabi said “Niche” it’s pronounced like knee-sh, and she said nitch

  • Lesliechowxo

    I actually love the separate videos just cause it shows two separate homes and two separate locations idk it’s neat.

  • Kirsten Davidsen
    Kirsten Davidsen


  • Jenna Mills
    Jenna Mills

    i wish them doing videos together in person

  • varshini ananth
    varshini ananth

    I'm so used to the phrase , joinhoney.com/views😂😂

  • Eva Records
    Eva Records

    i love these fits!!

  • Lacie Newcombe
    Lacie Newcombe

    I really do like the FaceTime at the end recently but I much prefer you guys together!! Also I loved all of the outfits, I love how both of your styles are so opposite but you make them so cool and they look so nice😍✨ you guys kill it every time 👏🏼

  • She /Her
    She /Her

    Niki as a 2005 fashion icon is iconic

  • yang chen
    yang chen

    gabi won du

  • Shaye Schmidt
    Shaye Schmidt

    I like Niki's bedspread 😍

  • Shaye Schmidt
    Shaye Schmidt

    I love bucket hats. Nate don't get it😳💁‍♀️ 😂lmao

  • Alfredo Borras
    Alfredo Borras

    I have t'he same shirt t'hat you theone t'hat ses nasa

Mame mi
257 tis.
Mame mi
257 tis.